Affiliate Scheme

STEP 1 - How much will I earn?

Do you own a website? If so, you could earn money by joining our Affiliate Scheme.

  • £30 per booking +
  • 10% on Novelty Purchases

Please note that terms & conditions apply. We also reserve the right to refuse acceptance to the Affiliate Scheme if we deem an applicant unsuitable.

STEP 2 - How does it work?

Apply to join our Affiliate Scheme online.


Receive an automatically generated email displaying the details of how to link to Last Night of Freedom.

3Link to us

Place a link on your website to any of our pages.

4Monthly Statistics

Receive monthly emails detailing visitor and sale staticstics.


Provided you have generated some commission, you will be sent payment by cheque

STEP 3 - Apply
Please put in as much information as you can, becuase the more information we have, the better we can answer your query.
I accept the Terms & Conditions.

Please only click the "Apply" button once - sometimes it may take a few seconds for us to process your enquiry.