#ShamelessModel x 1
£250 plus travel and accommodation


One unbelievable photoshoot


Our LNOF photoshoots are legendary, but it's difficult to find somebody completely shameless to model this lot. The Giant Ninja Sanitary Towel, the vicar having sex with a blow


How to Apply

If you’re up for the challenge (or know someone who you think would be perfect for the job), send us a picture of your most shameless photograph to @LNOF using the hashtag #ShamelessModel. And hey, we mean business here as well, this ain’t no charity. The selected #ShamelessModel will get put up in a hotel next to LNOF HQ in Newcastle, all travel expenses will be covered, and they will be paid for a day’s modelling work (that's £250, fellas).

We’ll announce the chosen #ShamelessModel on 31st July, so get your hilarious photos sent in and start preparing to dress up as a giant dick - quite literally.

Tweet us @LNOF using the hashtag #ShamelessModel.

Shameless Model – Terms and Conditions

1) You cannot refuse to model any #ShamelessModel items on the day – once you commit, there’s no turning back!

2) LNOF will arrange travel and accommodation for the winner and will cover these expenses.

3) You shall receive payment of £250 for your outstanding #ShamelessModel photoshoot.

4) LNOF will own all image rights from the photoshoot and these will be published and distributed by LNOF across the website, social media channels and in various other media outlets.

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