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Man vs Food Challenge

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Man vs Food Challenge

  • Reserved tables
  • Food challenge choice of 1 of 3 challenges
  • Beer 3 bottles of corona

If you think you’re hard enough, keep reading. Man Vs Food is one of the biggest challenges to hit the UK, and it’s going to take a serious load of courage.

Set at the famous Bierkeller, bringing the Bavarian bedlam of Munich all the way to Liverpool (it’s absolute carnage), you’ll be facing up to a huge plate. Included in this mammoth task are 15 extremely hot wings of fire, a huge tank of nachos, four signature burgers stacked together with mountains of fries and onion rings, along with three bottles of Corona.

You may conquer, but you may fall – either way, you can have the stein of your life and sample the 80 different lagers and ales at this place.

Many have tried, many have failed. Good luck.

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