The 5 Best Cocktail Bars in Newcastle

From the Manhattan to the Martini, cocktails ooze elegance and sophistication in every direction. Their uniqueness gives a sense of class and exclusivity, with Bond’s ever famous “shaken, not stirred” forever on the lips of Vesper drinkers everywhere. Cocktails have always been stylish, swanky beverages that create a sense of excitement and grandeur amongst even the most pessimistic of us, especially on a warm afternoon as we watch the world go by.

Pleased to Meet You

Four tiled images of the bar Pleased to Meet You in Newcastle, featuring the venue and cocktails

via Pleased to Meet You Facebook

Nestled just off Grey Street on the cute and cobbled High Bridge Street, Pleased to Meet You is Newcastle’s resident gin bar. It has over 80 gins, from the classics to experimental flavour creations, such as pink grapefruit, coconut, cardamom and saffron. PTMY is slick and sophisticated but without being overtly flash. It’s all exposed brickwork industrial chic and their cocktails are seriously classy concoctions. Here you’ll find a Violet Martini, a Joan Collins and even a Breakfast Martini (anywhere that hints at this sort of unabashed decadence gets a vote from us). They mix up their seasonal specials menu, but all of its stars embody the same upmarket flair, in their names as much as their tastes – The Moonlight Sonata is elegance personified.



Four tiled images of the bar Florita's in Newcastle city centre, featuring the venue and cocktails and the bar area

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Florita’s is an exotic and sexy little number set on Newcastle’s notorious Diamond Strip. The décor is trendy and lavish – art deco furnishings and vintage-inspired art on the walls – and its upmarket and trendy vibe attracts the sort of revelers who want to be seen. Friday nights evoke Havana clubs of days gone by with a sultry and mysterious atmosphere, and Saturday nights mix funky house music with cocktails galore. Florita’s cocktail menu is as tropical as its atmosphere – from traditional margaritas to mojitos that will transport you to far away paradises. We particularly love that they serve cocktails in real coconuts as well. There’s also a cheeky bit of Geordieland in there, with a Double Cush Wor Kid cocktail – Midori, Amaretto and cranberry juice. Whay aye man. Pure class.


The Botanist

Four tiled images of The Botanist in Newcastle city centre, featuring images of the dining area, cocktails and outside the bar

A tropical and tranquil wilderness in the heart of Newcastle

A secret wilderness located next to the landmark of Grey’s Monument, The Botanist boasts an ethos dedicated to Mother Nature, creating cocktails with delicate, subtle or strong flavours with the best of British herbs. It’s located on the top floor of the old Monument Mall, with stunning views of the city, and the décor is enchanting; you’ll feel like you’re dining in the garden of an old English eccentric. The pièce de resistance is the enormous glass dome that twinkles with fairly lights and the bar sits underneath it like a wooden tree house. The drinks are served in quirky themed vessels; forget pitchers for sharing, The Botanist serves watering cans of Watermelon and Mint, Peach and Rosemary or Raspberry and Sage. This is a high-up haven with stunning views of the city from its pretty rooftop garden.


Bealim House

Four tiled images of the bar Pleased to Meet You in Newcastle, featuring the venue and cocktails

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Bealim House is the new kid on the block. Set over two vast and gorgeously decorated floors, this bar is Newcastle’s first authentic gin distillery – with the city’s only working gin still tucked away in the venue. Paying homage to the rich history of the building, formerly a print works, the bar has a wonderfully welcoming industrial feel, with rustic wood décor, exposed brickwork, vintage tiles, cages adorning the windows and antique leather seating. The drinks represent the fantastically chilled and unique image and Bealim’s very own hibiscus gin is a must-try. With a cocktail menu featuring the likes of the Salted Caramel Frappe and Blood Orange Daiquiri – this place is a fabulous venue to settle in for the night and enjoy city life.


As You Like It

Four tiled images of As You Like It in Jesmond, Newcastle, featuring images of two cocktails, the bar and the exterior of the venue

A hidden gem tucked away in leafy Jesmond

As You Like It is tucked away in the gorgeous and lively suburb of Jesmond, just a short stroll from the city centre of Newcastle. Set in an unassuming office block over three huge floors, this stunning venue – voted Jesmond’s most beautiful restaurant - will (surprisingly) transport you to a magical, fairytale wonderland with its sprawling and delicately elegant bars, twinkling chandeliers, exposed brickwork, rustic wood tables and breathtakingly beautiful outdoor terrace. From the super sweet Bumbleberry Julep to the classic Mojito, the aptly titled Mad Hatter to the dangerous Big Bad Zombie (seriously, it’s lethal) – ASYLI’s menu reads like a who’s-who of cocktails. You’d be mad to miss out.


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