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For those who’d rather twist than stick

How do you fancy raising the stakes and taking your stag weekend up another notch, courtesy of a chip-clicking few hours in a sexy casino? You don’t have to be a high roller, nor do you have to be willing to gamble your kidneys on the spin of a wheel or your testicles on the turn of a card. All you need is a sense of fun and a touch of curiosity in a glamorous environment of roulette wheels, black jack and deeply furrowed brows.

Oh, and contrary to scare-mongering about these palaces of pain and pleasure, you can sail through a session in a casino and spend virtually nothing, preferring to take in the personal dramas of others as you sit and sip your vodka or bourbon in the background. Either way, a casino night is as safe a bet for stag nights as there is.

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This activity can be combined as part of a package, or it can be be purchased alone. Please contact us for pricing information.

Available in the following locations:

Amsterdam - details

Benidorm - details

Birmingham - details

Blackpool - details

Bournemouth - details

Bratislava - details

Brighton - details

Bristol - details

Brno - details

Budapest - details

Cardiff - details

Dublin - details

Ibiza - details

Krakow - details

Leeds - details

London - details

Madrid - details

Magaluf - details

Manchester - details

Newcastle - details

Nottingham - details

Prague - details

Riga - details

Sheffield - details

Sofia - details

Southampton - details

Valencia - details

Warsaw - details

Wroclaw - details

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