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Sofia is where East meets West and its reputation for partying is steadily growing. The city has a unique mix of cultures and styles, with prices that mean you get a lot for your money. Our 4* Hotel is a particular stand out and the weather is warmer than most of Eastern Europe.

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Sofia's iconic landmarks lit up at night

Stag weekends don’t come with any classier a backdrop.

One of Europe’s oldest cities, this grand master makes all the right moves when it comes to delivering red hot stag excitement. Situated in the west of Bulgaria, at the foot of the rather splendid Mount Vitosha, and simply oozing in Slavonic style, Sofia is a richly historic capital with a population of nearly 1.5million people. A safe, hassle-free city with an agreeably Mediterranean influence on its spring and summer climate, this city glistens with almost as many beautiful old buildings as beautiful young people, and the fact that you can procure a heavenly pint of beer in any atmospheric Mehani (traditional tavern) for little over £1 just adds to the appeal. Sofia, So Good? Read on…

Since the end of communism in 1989, few cities have become as attractive to the western wanderer as this one. Within the first 15 minutes of arriving, and soaking up the various roman relics or soviet statues, you will be aware that you are in a city which is steeped in history. We know full well that stag weekends aren’t about monuments or history books, but to know you are living it up in a place where so much has happened in the last… oh… 7,000 years or so, giving you ample opportunity for a cultural group photo or six before you depart, well… it can’t be a bad thing, can it?

Sofia stag weekends combine quality, central accommodation with hard-working, friendly, local guides in a location rife with awe-inspiring sights (both natural and man-made) and enough nightlife choices to make anyone’s head spin. In Sofia, we present a spectacular city bursting with personality and panache, reachable via several major airlines and able to guarantee better value-for-money than many of its more customary stag counterparts.

One thing of particular note in this location when you visit, which is sure to cause much amusement and comment – when Bulgarians shake their head, they mean “Yes”, and when they nod their head, they mean “No”. You can make your own jokes up from that in advance, but whatever you do pass this on to the boys before they get too inebriated and begin to lose the plot completely on encountering the custom everywhere on their first night!

Customer Reviews for Sofia

Our average stag feedback score for Sofia is 4.75

Average Rating from 12 reviews


“Sofia, Bulgaria is a must!! Brilliant weekend away with the lads. Lesbian show and karting was brilliant. Most places you are looking at paying around £1 a pint. bedroom is a great nightclub and the bar next to it is very good aswel. Lots of strip clubs and bars what more do you want from a stag do!! Everyone who went said they loved it so happy days for me the organiser.


“While Sofia may not be the first location that comes to mind when you think of stag parties, it didn't disappoint. Our accommodation at Hotel Ramada was excellent and our rooms were upgraded free of charge without request. We took advantage of the hotel pool and the attached casino which were both of a good standard. We chose the go-karting and shooting as our activities which were both excellent as thoroughly enjoyed by all. The nightlife seemed subdued in some of the bars that we visited at first but it soon perked up when we were introduced to some of the livelier bars and clubs. The Rock and Roll bar and Jim Beam club were particular favourites of our group. We were taken to Kama Sutra gentleman's club which was good fun but a little expensive for our expectations. I must give a special mention to our guide, Neli, who was fantastic. She took us to some great bars and clubs, to all our activities and even agreed to come out with us on an unscheduled night to ensure we got the most from our weekend. She really went above and beyond and I can't thank her enough. Thanks to the team at Last Night of Freedom team for making the organisation of this weekend so easy. I would definitely recommend it to others.


“There was 8 of us met at the airport by the rep who was very nice. Was a bit worried about what we had got ourselves in for looking at the state of some of the buildings, but that worry soon went when we turned up outside our hotel, which was 1st class, really well presented and the pool was amazing!

We had shooting booked on the 1st day this was really good everyone really enjoyed shooting the different guns, especially the desert eagle. The bar crawl later that night was also a good laugh but felt like the owner in the 1st pub we went was trying to force the expensive rounds on us so soon left there, though the night club and strip club where good.
On the second day we had karting booked. I've done this a couple of times in England, but this was much better as the karts felt like they where faster and the track was really good.
Overall the weekend was amazing and such good value for money. Would 100% go back there again! ”


“When you first arrive in Sofia it looks really rough and when going to tha hotel from the airport it doesnt get much better until you get to the centre of Sofia. Its a fantastic place with amazing views but most importantly it has loads of pubs which are dirt cheap. Food there is also really good. We found a nice pizza place close to the hotel, loaded up on food and beer and it cost 15 lev each. Absolute bargain. If you want to go abroad for your stag on the cheap this is the place to go!”


LNOF made the trip so easy. Accommodation was good, bars were great and the people were very friendly! Highly recommend LNOF - having local guides on the ground made the trip hassle free and enjoyable. I will 100% use again if I need to arrange another lads weekend or stag do!”


The services provided by LNOF were spot on, all the people we dealt with were fantastic, full of information and super friendly. The activities and transfers were out of this world, especially the shooting. We had 17 blokes grinning from ear to ear after that. We stayed in a hostel which was clean and comfortable, can't expect a lot more but we were only there to get our heads down. Top stuff LNOF!!! Will defiantly recommend you. Thanks for a top weekend!!!!!!”


Bowling was great fun as we done a shot for each strike which got everyone quickly in the mood. The water sports day was brilliant. Like being at the beach, music, food and beers and all the water sports were good. The pub where we poured our own beer was awesome. Great food. Theo was a star organising tickets for Paul Van Dyk.”


The Tour guides were great, definitely needed in this City, the hotel wasn't great though, rooms looked like they were last updated about 40 years ago, very old and tired. ”


“This is the second time we've been on a stag weekend in Sofia and it was amazing again! The people are friendly providing you're respectful. Lionel and his team were absolutely brilliant and ensured all the lads had a great time. We would definitely recommend Sofia and are thinking of going again ourselves! ”


All the way through booking to arriving in Sofia the service was excellent. I can’t fault it. When we arrived we were met by our guide and Organiser. We didn’t know what to expect really but when things started moving we were very impressed.

The activities were phenomenal! Go karting and shooting were so much better than our highest expectations, its un-believable.... and I’m not just saying that! The gentleman at the shooting range was ace, he explained everything about safety, how the guns work, how to use them, what guns are used when and where... about the bullets... i could go on! Shooting was really spot on and would highly recommend.

Go-karting was brilliant! Get in the cars and go was the attitude and it was far, far superior than anything we have done in England! It was so much fun and would love to go again just for the karting rather than the lame karting in England where Health and Safety ruins every sport.

Our tour guide Lionel (if i remember) was brilliant! Really nice guy, explained everything and was with us though all activities! Hats off to the guy! Also, not forgetting 'Lil' our nightlife guide! She was fantastic! Funny and to be able to put up with guys when their drinking is worth the weight in gold!

All in all, it was the first stag do I have arranged and it was the first stag do to take place out of all of our friends! It really has set the benchmark and would highly recommend to anyone!!”


Excellent city for a stag destination. Booze is cheap, women are gorgeous and night life is superb. Very highly recommended.”


Just want to say thanks for an amazing stag do. Sofia is brilliant and the people are very friendly. Also I just want to say a massive thank you for upgrading us to a better Hotel which was excellent.”

How To Get To Sofia

Sofia's local airport(s):

Sofia Airport - SOF

7 miles from Sofia

Can we provide transfers? Yes

Sofia Airport,, Hristofor Columb blvd, Sofia, Bulgaria

(+3592) 937-2211

Airport Website

Which airlines fly into Sofia?

DepartingArriving IntoAirline
Birmingham - Birmingham Airport (BHX) Sofia Airport (SOF) Wizz Air
London - Heathrow Airport (LHR) Sofia Airport (SOF) British Airways
London - Heathrow Airport (LHR) Sofia Airport (SOF) Bulgaria Air
London - Gatwick Airport (LGW) Sofia Airport (SOF) EasyJet
London - Luton Airport (LTN) Sofia Airport (SOF) Wizz Air
Manchester - Manchester Airport (MAN) Sofia Airport (SOF) EasyJet

Accuracy of Information: Whilst every effort is made to ensure that all information is correct, it is just possible that we might get the occassional piece of information wrong. Whatever means of transport you decide on, it is worthwhile double checking route and schedule information.

Sofia has the following visa requirements:

Visa Information Disclaimer: Whilst we have taken reasonable efforts to ensure that this information is correct, we cannot be held reponsible for any inaccuracies. Always check with the relevant authorities before travelling. We have actually had a group of Kiwis who didn't make it through customs in Kiev - BE WARNED!

NationalityVisa Required?
UK, Irish & Euro Zone Nationals: No Visa Required for stays of less than 90 days
South Africans: Visa Required
Aussies & Kiwis: No Visa Required for stays of less than 90 days

For information about Passport or Visa requirements please visit www.gov.uk/browse/abroad/passports. For information relating to travel abroad please visit www.gov.uk/browse/abroad/travel-abroad.


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