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Stuttgart is a city of contrasts. The futuristic Porsche Headquarters rubs shoulders with the decadent nightlife and sultry red light districts. By day, explore the city’s cultural hotspots, sparkling tech industry, idyllic countryside and relaxed squares full of bars and cafes. By night, discover the nocturnal playground of exclusive clubs, hidden bars and chilled late-night lounges.

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The City with Many Faces

A visit to Stuttgart is really a tale of two cities. On the one hand, you have beautiful plazas, soaring classical architecture and a vibrant arts scene. But, on the other hand, Stuttgart is also home to a playful undercurrent, with its bustling red light districts, hidden drinking dens and sultry late lounges.

The German attitude to partying is relaxed, cool and mischievous, with just a dash of sexiness. Stuttgart’s nightlife has something for everyone and, whilst it isn’t as ‘in your face’ as some other German cities, it’s all a question of knowing where to look. Whether you want to kick back in a jazz club or party all night long in the company of Stuttgart’s bright young things, look a little closer and the city comes to life.

Nestled in the beautiful Black Forest region, the city is right in the heart of Germany’s wine country and produces fantastic Trollinger and Reisling. Wine culture is much more of a thing in Stuttgart than many other German cities and sits comfortably alongside another irrepressible German passion: Beer. The great Bavarian traditions of Beer Halls and Brauhäuser are alive and well in Stuttgart and you’re never too far away from the nearest good pint (well, litre, very European).

Throughout the year, the city also plays host to a whole range festivals and celebrations. Stuttgart's Christmas Market is one of the country’s most famous; it takes place in the four weeks leading up to Christmas and is the largest, oldest and most beautiful traditional Christmas market in Europe. There is also the Cannstatter Volksfest – a three-week festival at the end of September. Although more of a general autumn festival, it is sometimes also referred to by foreign visitors as the ‘Stuttgart Beer Festival’ and is considered by many to be the second only to the famous Munich Oktoberfest.

With a surprise around every corner, this Bavarian Bohemia is unashamedly cool and scandalously sexy. Be seduced by the city with many sides and discover stunning Stuttgart for yourself.

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Stuttgart Airport - STR

8.8 miles from Stuttgart

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Flughafenstraße 43, Stuttgart, 70629

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DepartingArriving IntoAirline
Birmingham - Birmingham Airport (BHX) Stuttgart Airport (STR) Flybe
London - Heathrow Airport (LHR) Stuttgart Airport (STR) Air Berlin
London - Heathrow Airport (LHR) Stuttgart Airport (STR) British Airways
London - Gatwick Airport (LGW) Stuttgart Airport (STR) EasyJet
London - Heathrow Airport (LHR) Stuttgart Airport (STR) German Wings
London - London Stansted Airport (STN ) Stuttgart Airport (STR) German Wings
London - Heathrow Airport (LHR) Stuttgart Airport (STR) Lufthansa
Manchester - Manchester Airport (MAN) Stuttgart Airport (STR) Ryanair

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