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One of the original Eastern European stag locations with a real "gingerbread" old town area, Tallinn keeps thousands of stags entertained all year round. Stand out events are the Drive-By Paintball, Strip Boat and famous Beer Bike. Book your accommodation in advance if you're intending to go in the summer.

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The chance to visit a medieval masterpiece like Tallinn doesn't come around very often, so we implore you not to pass it up when it comes your way.

Maybe it's partly to do with being invaded so many times. Maybe it's because the weather is so wildly varying between seasons (times a UK winter or summer by 5 and you're getting close). Or maybe it's because the centre of the city has one of the highest degrees of students in Europe. Whatever the reasons, Tallinn's local mix of Estonians & Russians stick a smiling two fingers up to tomorrow and embrace life with a rare form of youthful energy that you can't help but be caught up in on stag weekends in Tallinn.

The throbbing Old Town - shaped like a huge rugby ball - is where most of the stag weekend action is going on, a stream of wicked bars and restaurants condensed into a 1 and a half-mile hub of activity. A Tallinn stag weekend gives you a city that feels very much like a town, and the impression we got was of a slightly up-market version of Prague. Yes, there are strip clubs (3 belters, actually), and yes, there are Irish pubs & a few bars that show Sky Sports. But this is a city that still exhudes character and tradition, offering a very tasty modern menu to fun-hungry stag weekenders everywhere. We'd say "Hats off" to those responsible - but it's too cold here in winter to remove your headwear, so let's applaud them instead.

Small, walkable and hugely friendly, Estonia's capital city sits only 10 minutes from the airport - a red-topped Gothic metropolis which wrote the book on burning the candle at both ends, combining daring daytime fun with breathless nightly nonsense in a unique and immensely likeable way.

True, your Russian & Estonian hosts will have seen some of the worst examples of British behaviour abroad, but their friendly and durable nature means you can rest assured of a thoroughly warm welcome. Any town centre with a brewery/bar ("The Beerhouse") combination can only be commended, and the clubs being open until 6am demands stamina from all who come here. The activity options are fabulous in Tallinn, ranging from banquets, bar crawls and demolition derbys to some of the best, and most value-for-money, shooting packages in Europe.

Squeezing it all in might prove your only planning problem, but let us help you with that.

Customer Reviews for Tallinn

Our average stag feedback score for Tallinn is 4.84

Average Rating from 50 reviews


“I just wanted to send you this on behalf of everyone & myself to say a very big thank you. You guys made mine and everyone's weekend. Thank you for all the efforts.


“I would just like to say a massive thank you for sorting us out a fantastic time in Tallinn! Our reps were absolutely brilliant. Anna and Alina made sure that everything was great for us, they looked after us and the shooting was everything that we wanted it to be! whoop! yeah! My brother (it was his stag event and his birthday too) had a brilliant time and will remember it forever (well, what he can remember). Just brilliant! I will definitely recommend you guys to everyone.


“What an amazing experience this trip has been! The greatest weekend ever!!! We all loved it and what a stunning place Tallin is! Not what we were expecting at all. The nightlife is superb, the drinks are very reasonable! The main square is a little dearer but the best bars are a couple of streets over anyway. The gun range was crazy! Once in a lifetime stuff! A real must if your going to Tallin! Our favourite was the MAD MAX PAINTBALLING! What a day that was! Best thing ever!!! The local reps were spot on and everything went according to plan. Last Night of Freedom I salute you! I would highly recommend using the company and I will definitely use them again! Price and service was spot on! Thanks again!”


“Recently arrived back from a brilliant stag do to Tallinn. I was very impressed with how easy last night of freedom made the whole experience from the early booking stages setting up the itinerary to how good the reps were in organising our bar crawls and activities throughout the whole weekend.

Tallinn was great for a stag trip but last night of freedom ensured everything went smoothly from start to finish. Perfect!”


“The stag and the rest of the party had a great time, the guides were very helpful and very nice. The shooting was excellent. The pub crawl could have been even better if the Irish pub "Mad Murphy's" was included in the pub crawl. Other than that we all had a great time, thanks ”


Tallinn was a fantastic destination for our stag weekend. We were very fortunate with our hotel and location, the hotel was cheap, excellently situated slap bang in the middle of the action, and the rooms were of a much higher quality than the price suggested.

The night life is centralised within a 5/10 minute walking radius in Old Town, which was a bonus in the snow, and drinks were reasonably cheap so I highly recommend it.

As for activities booked through LNOF I cannot speak highly enough. The guides were friendly, helpful, very patient with us and were only too pleased to answer any questions we had, no matter how silly they were! Shooting Plus was excellent value for money, especially when you consider it was the cheapest package on the web and included transfers to & from the venue which others did not provide. the instructors were enthusiastic when we asked what other guns we could play with, so a fair amount of additional money was spent on extras (2 rounds for a euro was too good to turn down with some beer tokens burning a hole in my wallet!)

I would also like to take this opportunity to sing the praises of the UK based side of the websites operation. Paul was a great help, keen to assist and give advice and went out of his way to help book the shooting for us providing a very flexible service, essential when you have members of the stag party changing their minds at the last minute, being slow to pay deposits etc. If you have a stag party to organise, be the best Best Man you can be and book with these guys, you won't be disappointed!”


“Excellent all round. Highlights:

The first 500m of kayaking in which we managed to demonstrate our complete inability to kayak through overturning, thundering and sinking.

- Karaoke and dance offs throughout the whole weekend

- The bright idea of a hard liquor pot luck draw at the start of the limo ride......then it’s all very vague!

Legendary! ”


“From what I remember the weekend was a complete success. There were many memories and dramas, the guides (especially Marieta) played a huge role and helped all 40 of us out a lot. The carting and shooting helped break the drinking up, kind of. Overall - 10/10 weekend. Cheers LNOF!!”


The service from LNOF was great but the place to go (Tallinn) didn't offer much of a nightlife compared to other European cities.”


Adam and rene were the people I dealt with both really helpful. spoke to Adam a few times and was really helpful and a nice guy. Got to the airport was picked up by a lovely rep and driven straight to hotel. went on a pub crawl which was great loads of free beer. strip club was good too.

Next day shooting was amazing, paintballing would have been a massive let down compared to this! truely amazing. Tallinn its self was a great city even if your not on a stag, people were lovely and just a great place to be! Tranfer back was there on time although we were not as we forgot about the clocks changing but they were happy to wait and was not a problem.

All in all a great weekend that none of us will Ever forget!! ”


Words cannot describe how awesome the weekend was, and I speak for 18 others as well. It is so depressing being at home now as I just want to go back!...couldn’t have had a better time! :)”


The feedback from ALL 15 of the stag do said it was the best weekend of their life! Tallinn was a perfect location, accommodation was ideal (don't let off the fire extinguishers) and the activities were top drawer! Marietta, our rep was everything you needed, knowledgeable, helpful and good looking! Highly recommend the bar crawl!! Would certainly recommend”


I was very pleased at the lengths last night of freedom went to in order to see that our needs were met and ensure we enjoyed ourselves. Tallinn is a lovely city and everybody was very friendly towards us.”


Great time had by all in Tallinn - the motor paintball being a big highlight...particularly because it was so dangerous! Good bars and clubs, clean accommodation 10 minutes walk from town centre and very friendly locals. Recommended for stag parties looking for a destination where you don't bump into other stag parties every 5 minutes.”


The guide in Tallinn, Marietta, was excellent even when she was not with us she responded to all texts promptly and helped us find excellent bars we would never have located. Last night of Freedom's dealings with us was faultless. Well done and thanks would highly recommend Cheers Neil ”


Very organised yet laid back service. Fantastic guides who don't let you leave unless you have had the best weekend known to man.”


“The stag weekend in Tallinn was awesome. From the moment I started discussing the trip with Paul at LNOF to the time we were dropped back at the airport we were given the highest level of service. As best man the thought of organising a trip for 24 other guys was pretty daunting but LNOF and our guide Marietta Valle made it one of the best weekends possible.

Our guide in Tallinn was really fun, helpful and a big hit with the guys. Marietta was always on hand to help and take us to the best places around. I couldn't have asked for more. Testament to everyone's input is that all the lads agreed it was the best stag do they'd ever been on and a couple joked that when they get married they want me to organise it! All of this is down to LNOF and the team in Tallinn.

If I never go on another stag weekend I'll be happy. It will be hard to top. Oh, and did I mention that the girls in Tallinn are HOT!!!!!!!! Best bits have got to be dinner with a lesbian show and firing a pump action shotgun. Oh, the strip limousine was pretty fly too!

Well done guys, amazing weekend! ”


Absolutely banging. Great boozing and our guide had to be the hottest thing in Tallinn.”


The Last Night of Freedom reps were great (even the coach driver was a laugh). Activities were well executed and any questions or even queries were dealt with efficiently.

Thank you all ”


“Hover crafting is simply something you have to do at least once in your life.”


Tallinn is a great place, and is not swamped with stag-do's (as I thought it might be), would recommend it.

Not as cheap as it *should* be really, think they capitalised on the stag market a bit too much, but it makes up for it with a reasonable selection of bars/clubs and places to eat.... oh, and there is no such thing as an ugly Estonian woman, they are ALL stunning!!”


Awesome trip! Thanks for a great three days...”


“Cool location, fun events and we have been looked after very well!!!”


Thanks for a cool weekend. From start to finish you guy had it all in hand.”


“Had great weekend, only disappointment was a mix up on the transfers.”


“Last Night Of Freedom were very helpful on the phone. The activities ran smoothly and were excellent. Would recommend them to friends without hesitation.”


Overall, a great trip.”


The staff on the ground in Tallinn are great which made a huge difference to the service provided by your company.

The shooting was amazing, Tony the guy doing the activity was a good bloke too. The nightlife was awesome there, kind of regret not doing one of your night activities as VIP and tables seem to be a must around there. ”


“Great Fun!”


“From the minute we were picked up at the airport the fun began. It was well organised, the guides were GREAT and I would recommend the service to anyone. 10/10 Many thanks.”


Tallinn was an amazing place to have a stag weekend. Overall the trip ran smoothly! The guides were helpful but could have communicated better with the group. !”


“The weekend was good overall - we had an issue with the meal booked on Sat night and this was rectified eventually by the local contact.”


“Overall I had a great time at this stag. It was my first time on a stag and in Estonia. Estonia turned out to be a wonderful surprise.

The weather was beautiful and the city was nice to walk around in. I am not a huge drinker or bar goer but hanging out with friends was nice. The hotel was gorgeous. ”


Highly recommend a weekend in Tallinn. Everyone that came had a brilliant time. The reps were hot, friendly and on time. Also the shooting was a great experience- Not to be missed.”


Tallinn is a beautiful in many different ways. Bars are varied so there is something for everyone. The guides were great and very helpful.”


The stag weekend in Tallinn was absolutely brilliant. The consensus, amongst those who attended, was that it was the best stag weekend they had ever been on.

From our arrival to our departure, everything was taken care of. The two girls (Mari and Christy - beautiful and sexy) were the guides, both providing level headedness within a group of very drunken British lads.

The curling at the local ice rink, was excellent and a great way to overcome the hangovers.

To any best man trying to organise a stag weekend I would wholeheartedly recommend Tallinn and Last Night of Freedom. ”


The town is nice, the people are very friendly. The strip clubs and beer are not as cheap as you are led to believe. It is approx £2.50 a pint and entry to a strip club is around £15. ”


Had a great weekend, the hotel was decent and in a good location to the town centre.

the quadbiking on the saturday was excellent, the beer tour on the friday evening was ok.

On the whole we had a great time and would use your services again. cheers”


Great time had by all, activities booked through LNOF were well organised”


“Loads of places to drink, great clubs - music was wicked - so good that no one got any sleep.

Activities were great - a 48 hour high - was sad to leave.


Nice City, friendly people and Go-Karting was superb. Reps were helpful without being over powering all in all a top weekend.”


“i thought the population was very low, this reflected on how many local poeple were out on the weekends, .... not many, was a bit quiet.”


LNOF, thanks!

The organisation from emailing my initial request until our return was flawless. The welcome at Tallinn was warm, the hotel was much better than any of us expected.

The karting is well recommended. We opted for the outdoor but due to weather (pretty cold) this had to be changed to indoor. However we were not at all disappointed. The clubs are very well presented and have an abundance of beautiful ladies for all you guys to fall in love with! The clubs played some excellent RnB/Hip Hop beats, and not a hint of attitude in there. All in all we are very happy with the clubs and the full service received by LNOF.”


Tallinn was excellent, very mild for the time of year.

The Bar with no name was attended on both nights and was a quality venue for a stag do.

Prices were cheap and locals were friendly enough, no nightmare senarios of getting ripped off.


Shooting guns and karting in Estonia - what a laugh!!

Hotel was great and the transfer ran like clockwork - I would truely recommend to friends and family!

Estonia was great, the only downside was the fact that some bars openly advertised that stag parties were not welcome and a couple of places we got turned away even though we weren't drunk or rowdy - I guess that's more the brits on tour attitude that preceded us. People were friendly and the hotel was very clean and tidy. The tour guides were helpful and up for a laugh! fab!”


“The go-karting was a great start to the weekend - surpassed only by how fantastic and enjoyable the military academy was - would recommend this to anyone and we are all desparate to go back to Tallinn and do it again.

Tallinn is a lovely city and there are some great places to drink the night away into the small hours (we made it till 6am) such as The Pub with No Name. We found a couple of places less than accomodating to large groups and stag parties but this didn't detract from an otherwise awesome weekend.

In terms of activity times and transfers everything worked like clockwork and ran smoothly - a big thank you everyone at Last Night of Freedom!


The trip away was perfect! Everything was organised through you guys so well, the flight, transfers and the accommodation were perfect.

The venue, Tallinn, i chose basically because I had never been there, as none of the stag party (well, one visits there on business monthly but he was a late addition...) so it was a little adventurous going to Estonia for us.

Because of the lateness of the money being paid to me, I didn't sort out any excursions through Last Night of Freedom, but the host, Katilna, you provided managed to sort a few out for us. On the Friday we went and shot Magnums, Klashnicov's and pump action shot-guns in a secluded forest...a little frightening but good fun. The man in charge was probably the hardest man I have ever met!

On the Saturday we did a little more sobering experience of go-karting, slightly ironic as none of us were sober I don't think! The fastest lap I can remember being about 24 seconds, I was a little off the pace, not being a driver, with a slowest ever lap of over 1 minute 20! It got a good laugh so not bothered!

The two clubs we went to were great, Hollywoods and Club Soho. On the Saturday there was a hed kandi event that Katlina sorted out VIP entry which helped out, a great night was had by all, I think...!

The Hotel we stayed at was far more that what we expected, a 3* when we were expecting a british 3*, which would have meant camp-beds, 10 to a room! Very pleased with the service we got also.

And most of all, no injuries to talk about, nobody had any trouble with police, the locals, or more importantly, each-other. And to top it all, nobody fell in love with an Estonian Stripper!”


“The activities were very well organised and great value for money. I was expecting to get ripped off, but was pleasantly surprised.


“Whilst we only booked the activities with you we did have a great weekend. The activities, karting and Stress Shooting, were great fun but particularly the shooting which was handled proffessionally and safely considering the fast fading light but most importantly was a great deal of fun. I thank you for the great service and patience in getting me to the right choices. Regards. Edwin Mater”


“Very good location, no problems with a big group getting into bars/clubs. Friendly locals with no aggrevation would certainly recommend Tallinn as a great venue”

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Tallinn Airport - TLL

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Tallinn Airport, PO Box 1, Lennujaama 2, Tallinn

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London - Gatwick Airport (LGW) Tallinn Airport (TLL) EasyJet
London - London Stansted Airport (STN ) Tallinn Airport (TLL) Ryanair
Manchester - Manchester Airport (MAN) Tallinn Airport (TLL) Ryanair

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