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Zagreb is a city teeming with possibilities. Together with its thriving culture and spectacular nightlife, Croatia’s capital is fast building a top-notch reputation for unforgettable stag weekends. Explore the central square during the day, and by night, experience the vibrant mix of jazz, electro and mainstream bars that line the colourful streets.

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The new party paradise

Zagreb is a city steeped in history, with a fast growing reputation for its wonderfully diverse nightlife, cutting-edge clubs, live outdoor gigs and summer festivals that would put many European cities to shame.

The Croatians are big spirit-drinkers (these are our kind of people) and the national drink of the country is Rakija. This is stocked in abundance at the local bars and nightclubs, where it is usually served at the beginning of a meal, together with dried figs. Just beware of the home-brewed Rakija though, gents, with an average proof of 80%, it’ll knock your head off.

The playful Croatian capital is split in to three distinct areas: the 1000 year old Upper Town, the 19th century Lower Town and the modern post World War ll ‘new Zagreb’. Zagreb’s boisterous nightlife centres around the Ban Jelačić Square, located in the Upper Town, and the bar-lined Tkalčićeva Street (affectionately known as ‘the city’s most colourful street’) is jam packed with swanky clubs, restaurants and late night lounges. The Bogovićeva Street, situated in the Lower Town, however, is where you will typically find laid-back clubs and pints for around £1.20. During the summer, this street turns in to a vast outdoor bar where you can kick-back and relax in the sun with the boys.

After dark, however, is when this city truly comes alive. You can find everything you’ll ever need on a stag weekend here, from jazz bars to upmarket clubs to trendy warehouses, which regularly host buzzing all-nighters and attract the city's bright young things.

Zagreb is also widely considered to be an outdoor city as, during the summer months, locals and tourists alike head on over to Lake Jarun to swim, boat and party in the lakeside clubs. The picturesque lake also hosts the INmusic festival – a three day extravaganza that is hailed as Croatia’s biggest open-air music event.

This up and coming party city is brimming with self-confidence and there’s always a surprise around every corner.

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London - Heathrow Airport (LHR) Zagreb International Airport (ZAG) British Airways
London - Heathrow Airport (LHR) Zagreb International Airport (ZAG) Croatia Airlines

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