Fire Breathing Workshop Amsterdam

Fire Breathing Workshop

  • Professional Instructor to teach you the do's & dont's
  • Safety instruction and equipment
  • Practice session with water
  • Includes real fire breathing at the end of the workshop
  • Duration: 1 hour

Between all of your celebratory shenanigans in the capital of illicit debauchery, you need an activity that will really give you bragging rights when you get home – and, fire breathing is certainly it.

You and your group will have a professional instructor with over eight years’ experience under their belts, who will run over the dos and donts in a quick safety briefing - then you’ll be able to practice the art of fire breathing with a water based session. And then, the flames will be unleashed as things get all hot under the collar – while you put everything you’ve learnt into action and become real life dragons.

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