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4x4 Blind Driving, Laser Clays, Segways & Supacats Bath

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4x4 Blind Driving, Laser Clays, Segways & Supacats

  • Safety instruction and equipment
  • Duration: 4 hours

This adrenaline-fuelled super activity is guaranteed to get you all pumped up, and in the mood to party.

For your first last night of freedom super-activity, you’ll be putting your whole trust in your mates as they guide your blindfolded self around the course. You’ll have full command of an ex-army Land Rover, driving upon the instruction of your friend – this really does take trust falls to a whole new level.

Next up, you’ll be feeling like proper A-lister toffs, perfecting your aim and blasting clays from the sky - there’s even different gaming scenarios with skill shot to speed rounds – so you’ll really have to work hard to earn your position at the top of the electronic scoreboard. Then, once the adrenaline buzz has settled – it’s time to zoom your way around the arena on souped-up two wheel mega-vehicles powered by gyroscopic technology, segways. And, last but not least, you’ll take a trip out on the mighty, military supacat vehicles. These vehicles have traditional handlebar tilt steering and also a skid steer method using on-board disc brakes. Think you can handle it? Go on, we dare you.

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