Hot Rod Tour - 2 Hours Berlin

Hot Rod Tour - 2 Hours

  • Drive time per group 2 hours
  • Guided tour of the city
  • Hot Rod 1 each
  • Maximum 12 drivers
  • Note: valid driving licence required

These retro machines are typically old, classic American cars with large engines modified for speed. They were (and still are, in our eyes) the cars of choice because they were light, easy and inexpensive. And, there's no better way to rattle around the capital than in a Hot Rod.

You'll be sitting just above the ground – you'll, at least, get a unique perspective of the streets – but these custom roadsters will leave every other vehicle cowering in their wake. The single-seater cars weigh in at 100 kg and can even reach speeds of up to 54 mph – it'll be like driving a quirky matchbox down the road. You'll also pass some of the capital's most iconic attractions – the perfect way to explore for a couple of unforgettable hours.

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