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Tank Paintball Battle Birmingham

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Get transformed into an elite tank crew.

Tank Paintball Battle

  • Take on other tanks in an epic paintball battle using full-size tanks
  • Professional instruction on driving, cannon loading & shooting
  • Safety instruction and equipment provided
  • Learn to drive an FV432 tank
  • Practice session on targets before going into battle
  • Shoot paintballs from the tank's 40mm cannon
  • Includes entry in to the on site Military Vehicles Museum
  • Note: this venue is located approx. 1 hour drive from the city centre

As part of a three man team, you’ll become an elite tank crew, greasing the gears of paintball warfare. You'll be driving the tank, loading the breach and aiming the paintball cannon fitted to the turret.

On arrival, you'll be issued with your uniform and a helmet to ensure 100% combat efficiency. This is serious business. You’ll then be introduced to your crew, instructor and 'home' for the next couple of hours – one of the 15 turreted FV432 – before hurtling around the World War ll bombing range. You'll have the hatch open for the first lap, and then you'll fly around the track with only the periscope to see through. And, get ready to master the art of aiming the 40mm cannon before the epic and fast-paced paintball battle.

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