iCombat Laser Warfare - 1.5 hours Bournemouth

iCombat Laser Warfare - 1.5 hours

  • Private hire for exclusive use of arena
  • Laser tag using revolutionary iCombat technology
  • Various games including Deathmatch, Medic & Elimination
  • Includes unlimited SmartMag ammo
  • Safety instruction and equipment provided
  • Duration: 1 hour

This epic activity is already massive in America, and has recently made its way overseas – ready for you and your mates to check out. A lot like laser tag, except you and your group will be using revolutionary iCombat technology including full-scale, replica irM4s and irPistols, will full recoil and realism.

But, that’s not all – your realistic battle experience doesn’t end there. You will enter the private arena wearing an irVest, as well as a full scale MOLLE vest that houses all sensors for receiving those lethal iCombat shots – meaning if you get shot, you’ll receive a pain penalty. Use your cunning and wit to outsmart your opponents and raise your stress game to its max.

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