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Absinthe Night Bar Crawl Bucharest

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Absinthe Night Bar Crawl

  • English-speaking guide
  • Bars 3-4
  • Visit 3-4 bars
  • Includes 3 shots of Absinthe each
  • Duration: 4 hours

If you haven’t already spent the night with this femme fatale, allow us to introduce you to the infamous Green Fairy

The English translation of the affectionate French nickname for Absinthe, La Fee Verte, The Green Fairy was named so in 1890s Paris, and is also known as The Green Muse and The Green Goddess. As legend has it, this deep emerald green liquor will send you loopy, and take you on a voyage of exhilarating hallucinations and lucid dreams – only to be embraced on a truly brave soul’s last night of freedom.

With an alcohol content of between 45% and 74% volume, this industrial strength spirit needs to be diluted, and is mixed with water to create an alluring opalescent cloudy greenish white mixture (symbolic of the transformation of your hazy mind, some might say).

With this epic bar crawl, you’ll embrace the mischevious Green Fairy, with a shot each of the good stuff in every bar along your journey. Prizes for anyone who remembers making it to the last bar…

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