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Jail Break Dublin

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Jail Break

  • Safety instruction and equipment
  • Prizes included
  • Includes Crystal Maze type challenges in a real 300 year old Jail
  • Minimum 20 people
  • Duration: 2.5 hours

Experience Prison Break, but in real life… This epic jail break event is set in an authentic, 300 year old jail (you don’t have to tat the blueprints on your body) and your mission is to escape.

You and your group will each receive a challenge book, containing the information on the three parts of the mission. The first part is a series of photos and you must find the location to answer the relevant questions. Part two will lead you to various parts of the jail to find the solution to the riddle. For the third and final challenge, you must complete a number of 'fun' tasks and bonus keys are also scattered around the gaol.

The challenge is based on the iconic TV show, Crystal Maze, and you've got to get the keys to taste freedom. You must be fast and efficient to complete the intricate puzzles and tasks, or you'll be locked in forever. They'll count you down to the finish and the winners will receive a bottle of champers.

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