Champagne Tasting Session Edinburgh

Champagne Tasting Session

  • Learn the history and process of champagne making
  • Private venue hire
  • Taste 3 varieties of bubbly
  • Duration: 1.5 hours

Nothing screams sophistication and class, like knowing your Moëts from your Veuve Clicquots.

And, as you’re soon to settle down into happily married life, we feel it’s about time you got a few suave skills under your belt. This one and a half hour class will teach you everything you could possibly need to know about the history and process of bubbly making, as well as offering you the opportunity to taste three champagnes for yourselves.

This is the perfect day time activity to really set you up for a night of celebrations. And not only that - at your next dinner party you can truly wow your guests by flaunting your newly acquired knowledge as they gaze, awestruck at you. Thank us later.

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