Shooting Hamburg


  • English-speaking guide to welcome group on arrival
  • 50 minute Shooting range rental
  • Shoot 25 bullets each
  • 2 handguns

We know that your stag do in Hamburg is all about beer and beautiful women with hardly any clothes on, but sometimes you need a break from all that (it’s a tough life), and the best remedy for that is a spot of shooting. This action-packed, adrenaline-pumping activity will see you and your mates getting behind the triggers of some of the most lethal handguns in the whole country.

With more relaxed gun laws than back in the UK, you won’t have to go through the licencing process to get out on the range, which is handy for you. This package gives you 50 minute rental of the shooting range and offers 25 bullets each to fire at differing targets. You’ll have an English-speaking guide to give you instructions and tell you a little bit about the guns, then it’ll be time to take aim and fire.

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