Vehicle Vandalising - 1 Car Hamburg

Vehicle Vandalising - 1 Car

  • Located 40 minutes away from the city centre
  • Safety instruction and equipment
  • Car smashing with sledgehammers
  • Includes 1 car per group
  • Duration: 1.5 hours

Ever wondered what it would be like to smash up a car without getting arrested? Well, your luck might just be in. We’ll provide your group with all the vandalising equipment you’ll need – including hefty sledgehammers, safety equipment and, of course, a car – and set you on your way. Whether you pretend it’s your ex’s new whip, or just live out your childhood dreams by becoming Triple H for the day – it’s time to unleash your anger and strength on an unsuspecting vehicle. You’ll have an hour and a half to make a good job of it, by which time you’ll have worked up quite a thirst – and it’s off to the bar you go…

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