Tandem Sky Diving Krakow

Tandem Sky Diving

  • Safety instruction and equipment
  • Tandem jump partner
  • Duration: 1 hour

Surprise the stag or hen with the flight of their life. A tandem skydive is the easiest and most popular in the skydiving family – it only requires a short amount of training before hurling you out of a plane, as the tandem instructor strapped to your back does all of the hard work.

This is an exhilarating gift for the Bride or Groom, allowing them to experience the seriously unforgettable feeling of flying through the clouds from over 4000 metres (that's 13,000 feet, just FYI) in the air. But don't worry, you'll have a full tandem briefing and get all of the equipment, as well as harnessed to the front of an expert before being launched out of the plane. And, from this height – you can enjoy freefalling and reaching possible speeds of up to 120mph. There'll even be beers after to calm the nerves.

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