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Airsoft London

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Airsoft is for the rebels in your group.


  • Safety instruction and equipment
  • Outdoor woodland combat arena
  • Snacks included
  • Includes 3000 BB pellets
  • Duration: full day activity (9am-4pm)

Airsoft, in simple terms, is a game where you run around screaming with replica rifles, and shoot each other with plastic pellets. The spherical, non-metallic pellets - which are fired at crazy speeds - do not have the same impact as paintball (although, you may feel it at close range), but you’ll feel like a proper hardnut scrambling around the countryside, whilst brandishing a firearm.

Similar to paintball, this epic and seriously high-speed activity is played on the same zones as paintball. And, this huge venue has 18 game fields in operation – each one varies in woodland, terrain and tactical objectives to overcome.

You’ll have 3000 BB shots per person, as well as all of the equipment. There’ll even be snacks included after you’ve worked up an appetite playing battles. Ladies and gentleman – get ready for the action.

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A person leaning over a fence, aiming a paintball gun

Outdoor Paintball - 300 balls

  • Safety instruction and equipment
  • 300 paintballs each
  • Duration: 3 hours
A person wearing camouflage pointing a paintball gun at the camera, with paint on their visor

Outdoor Paintball & Mud Karting

  • Safety instruction and equipment
  • Grand prix session
  • Mud buggies
  • Snacks included
  • Includes 300 paintballs per person
  • Duration: 7 hours
A black jeep parked up on gravel

4x4 Blind Driving, Air Rifles, Archery & Axe Throwing

  • Safety instruction and equipment provided
  • Archery & axe throwing
  • 4x4 driving blind folded
  • Rifle shooting
  • Snacks included
  • Targets
  • Duration: 3 hours
The back of a man in camouflage and holding a paintball gun as he points it at a white church on a paintball field

Airsoft & Outdoor Paintball

  • Safety instruction and equipment
  • 300 paintballs per person
  • Play various games and challenges
  • Snacks included
  • Includes 1000 BB pellets for Airsoft
  • Duration: 7 hours
A person firing a paintball gun

Outdoor Paintball - 600 balls

  • Safety instruction and equipment
  • Includes 600 paintballs per person
  • Duration: full day activity (9am-4pm)

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