Escape Room Newcastle

Escape Room

  • Escape Room experience in the heart of Newcastle
  • Various games, puzzles & challenges to complete in order to escape
  • Maximum 6-7 people per room
  • Multiple rooms can be booked for larger groups
  • Duration: 1 hour

The North East’s newest escape room is in the very centre of the city, within the heart of an atmospheric warehouse in the historic (read: terrifyingly eerie) Gallowgate area. This escape room has three rooms available for your group to experience, which include Armageddon, Witch and The Plague Room.

In Armageddon, the Earth is under threat from a huge asteroid which is set to obliterate everything within a 1500 mile radius, as soon as it makes contact with the Earth’s surface. Politicians and military leaders have decided to attempt to hit the asteroid with a rocket, deflecting it to pass Earth without devastating collision. However, in order to launch the rocket in time, you and your group will need to break into the abandoned bunker, get the facility up and running and launch the rocket in time. You’ll have 60 minutes to launch the rocket and save the world, which is probably the best thing you’ll ever do with 60 minutes. Ever.

The Witch room is set around the time of the notorious Newcastle witch trials of 1650 when those suspected of witchcraft were rounded up, tried & hung in nearby Gallowgate. This game sees you and your group locked in a cell and assuming the role of prisoners, accused of practicing the dark arts, and awaiting execution - can you escape before your time is up and the hangman comes a knocking?

The final room option is The Plague Room, which plays upon Newcastle’s eerie and dark past. In 1636, the plague raged through the city, killing almost half of the population, and victims were buried in mass plague pits, directly outside this building. People believed that this was a cruel act of God turning his back on people, and each door had the cross of death painted upon them, warning that the people inside were about to meet their fate. It turned families against each other and even drove the likes of Arthur completely mad; it’s Arthur’s disturbed lair you’re about to enter, and try to escape from. Given the historic spot where your challenge takes place, this gruelling room becomes all the more realistic. Time’s ticking

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