Escape Maze Newcastle

Escape Maze

  • Escape Room meets the Crystal Maze in an Egyptian Pharaoh themed experience
  • Various mini games & challenges that require mental & physical skills
  • Includes a 25 minute team finale to escape King Tut's tomb
  • Maximum 12 people per session
  • Duration: 1 hour in total
  • Note: back to back sessions can be booked for larger groups

If you’ve ever watched The Crystal Maze and found yourself screaming at the TV, solving puzzles way before the contestants and wondering why you never applied to get on the show – this activity is just for you.

Your session will begin with a short briefing, then you’ll work your way through various Egyptian themed rooms (much like the Aztec Zone on The Crystal Maze) cracking puzzles and solving riddles as you make your way through the maze. Games require mental knowledge, skill and physical expertise, and last up to three minutes each – so you better act quick, to beat that ticking clock

Without giving too much away, your challenges will involve puzzle solving, climbing, crawling and getting into confined spaces, and the final challenge will take place in King Tut’s Tomb. Within this final challenge, you’ll feel as though you’re in a hidden temple in the desert, and only the strongest, brightest and most cunning of contestants will escape the tomb and find his treasure. Throughout the initial activities, you and your team will earn ‘clue spheres’, which you can trade in for clues later on in the tomb. Not that you’ll need clues, being the bright sparks that you are. Good luck.

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