Geordie Games Newcastle

Geordie Games

  • Professional Instructor leads games, keeps scores & takes photos of the event
  • 8 - 10 varied team games with a Geordie twist
  • Games include inflatable arenas, dual-person sumo suits, a giant sweeper & more
  • Take home a Geordie slang t-shirt as a memento of the day
  • Safety instruction & equipment provided
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Note: this event held on Saturdays only

If the classic gameshow, ‘It’s a Knockout’, met the Highland Games, and Ant, Dec, Cheryl Cole, Sting, Alan Shearer and all of the Geordie Shore cast were contestants – you’d have something that resembled these Geordie Games.

There will be a game organiser with your group at all times, available to keep score and take pictures which will be uploaded to social media afterwards, for all your mates to have a deek at. So, Geordie dictionaries at the ready, the possible games are as follows: The first game is the ‘Geordie Ale Run’, where participants are strapped to a bungee and have to race against their opponents to place the ale bottle as far up the wall as they can. Will yee fail or gan yem with the ale?

Game two is the classic 'Kebab Shop Duel' (in prep for a night out in Newcastle’s Bigg Market) where you’ll attempt to knock the opponent’s ‘head’ off, and then there’s 'On Ya Bike', where the sweeper (starting with the stag or hen) will gan full pelt trying to knock each team member off until there are none remaining.

Next up is 'Geet Massive Sumo Marras', where you’ll get kitted out in sumo suits to hoy the other team off the mat, and game five is 'Geordie Racing Walking Tubes', involving five people strapped to a giant tube and running along all at once. It’s then on to 'Sling Ya Hook', which is a highly competitive, giant, homemade quoits game and 'Mortal Pitch and Toss', essentially pigeon toss from when yee were a bairn, but wearing ‘drunk goggles’.

Then, it’s time to 'Larn Yerself Geordie', with a Battleships-esque game using Geordie words as ships, and finally, 'Ya Ganna Get Clarty', which is basically like Mastermind, but with questions aboot ya lad or lass – but, you better have been paying attention, as the losers will be covered in Newcastle’s finest bevvy. You’ll leave clarty, pure knackered and fluent in Geordie (life skills, and all that).

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