Perdu - VIP Sovereign Drinks Table with Private Bar Access Newcastle

Perdu - VIP Sovereign Drinks Table with Private Bar Access

  • Located on Newcastle's famous Diamond Strip
  • Reserved table with private access to the bar
  • Guestlist entry & queue jump to Perdu before 11.30pm
  • 2 bottles of spirits incl. bottomless draught mixers
  • Bottles choice includes Russian Standard Vodka, Newcastle Gin, Bacardi rum & Jack Daniels
  • Includes a round of Jager Bombs
  • Maximum 10 people

Located on Newcastle’s classy Diamond Strip, you might recognise this trendy haunt from MTV’s hit show, Geordie Shore. The popular spot on Newcastle’s nightlife scene is all exposed brickwork, chandeliers and mood lighting, perfect for any high end celebrations. With this fabulous package, you won’t just get guestlist entry and queue jump, but you’ll get a decent amount of booze to kick start your night – including two bottles of spirits with bottomless mixers and a round of lethal Jagerbombs. The best part of the Sovereign drinks table is that you’ll be located right by Perdu’s main entrance, with private bar access – meaning no queues for you. Perfect.

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