Fake Bride Stripper Prague

Fake Bride Stripper

  • Hot striptease show from fake bride
  • Stag humiliation

The fake Bride stripper is a classic, one that will go down in the stag weekend memories for a lifetime (and could, quite possibly, get you uninvited from the wedding…).

This serious The Hangover activity is the ultimate humiliation, rolled into a cruel prank, and will see a stripper arrive at the Groom's room with luggage to start her new life in Britain. As this isn't our first prank – she'll also be clutching a wedding certificate to prove her claims as the blushing Bride of the very white-faced stag.

This fantastic fake Bride can cause serious palpitations, so only do this if the stag has a good sense of humour. Although, it isn't all bad news… she will perform a seriously sexy striptease once the Groom is in on the secret.

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