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Viking Dinner Reykjavik

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This Viking Dinner will ensure that you eat like a jarl (wait, you don't know what that is…?).

Viking Dinner

  • Reserved tables
  • 3 course meal of traditional food
  • Includes beer and a shot of black death each

The right royal feast is set in an authentic Viking restaurant – a treasure trove of hidden surprises and singing Valkyries – that sits around 350 ravenous Norsemen. The restaurant reflects the era right down to the Viking-style trays to serve the food, and there's never a dull moment… certainly not when one plucky diner is crowned Honorary Viking by the Fjoru-chieftain.

Toast to the glory of Valhalla with a three course meal that includes the like of shark and various other dried fish, assorted seafood, slabs of meat and Skyr. This olde-worlde package does not come sans drink, with a delicious beer and a shot of 'Black Death' each. Brennivin, Iceland’s national beverage, has a fearsome reputation and a name to match. It is served in actual lamb horns and comes with a proof of a massive 80%.

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