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Shooting Sofia

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  • English-speaking guide
  • Private return transfers
  • Shoot a Glock, H&K, CZ75, 357magnum, Margolin & 7.62mm
  • Shots 50 each
  • Includes 1 beer each
  • Duration: 2.5 hours

When visiting the Bulgarian capital, there’s really nothing better than getting your hands on some of the most powerful weapons in the country, and testing your keen eye by firing a whopping 50 bullets from them.

You’ll be pulling the triggers of a huge range of powerful beasts, ranging from the robust Glock pistols, to the ultra-sturdy .357 Magnum revolvers. Firstly, the polymer-framed, short recoil-operated, locked-breech semi-automatic Glock pistols you’ll be getting your hands on have been active in the military from 1982 until the present day, and have an effective firing range of 50 metres. You’ll also be firing CZ75 semi-automatic pistols, which were first introduced in 1975 – popular due to their light weight, short recoil and tilting barrel.

Moving on to the .357magnum firearm - this one sure packs one hell of a punch. Developed in the mid-1930s, this was the only American pistol cartridge at the time, capable of defeating automobile cover – and for this reason, proved extremely popular. The Margolin semi-automatic target shooting pistol weighs only 0.91kg and is only 245mm long, but is ideal for competitive target shooting. You’ll have 50 shots in total, meaning plenty of opportunity to perfect your aim and smash those targets.

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