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Hot Springs Tour Valencia

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Hot Springs Tour

  • English-speaking guide and tour leader
  • Private transfer to and from the hot springs
  • Enjoy a swim in hot springs and caves
  • Includes picnic pack - goggles, water, apple and sandwich
  • Duration: 6-7 hours

Explore Valencia's beautiful hot springs, an area of such natural beauty that, allegedly, only wives of prophets were allowed to bathe here. The springs have been around for thousands of years, and the gorgeous waters are said to be one of Valencia's biggest attractions. However, the waters have cooled a little over the years (give them a break…) but, under the blazing heat, are comfortable warm and perfectly clear.

Swim, dive and explore the two breathtaking caves in the springs. The natural landmark attracts thousands each year, and they are the perfect way to soothe the hangover. There'll even be a picnic pack – including goggles (not to eat), water, a sandwich and a snack – to keep you going as you become one with nature. The hot springs are also surrounded by quaint villages and rocky mountains, and you can add a bit more adventure with a hike around the lush surroundings.

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