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Shooting Max Warsaw

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This is the pinnacle of all shooting packages in Warsaw. Prepare for 80 bullets over seven different and seriously powerful weapons.

Shooting Max

  • English-speaking guide
  • Private return transfers
  • Safety instruction and equipment
  • Shoot an AK-47, glock, machine gun, pistol & rifles
  • Shots 80 each

The instructor will show you the basics of the arsenal – loading, reloading, positioning and all that – before you step up to the plate. You'll start with the Glock 17 – a semi-automatic pistol, used by special ops and police forces around the world – before moving onto the M4 rifle, the preferred choice of rifle for the United States Air Force, Army and Marine Corps. The M16 has a real edge, with a max firing range of 3,600 metres, and the CZ75 is one of the original 'wonder nines'.

We're not finished yet… you'll also handle an FB Beryl assault rifle with a massive rate of fire at 700 rounds per minute. The FB Glauberyt is designed for heavy weapon platoons due to its max rate of fire – 770 rounds – but the Big Cheese is the AK47. This is the most famous assault rifle in the world, with over 100,000,000 still used today.

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