Last Night of Freedom Discount Code

Well, well, well, look who it is. It’s some cheeky cheapskate looking to bag themselves a bargain.

We've been watching you and we know your game – you’re scouring the internet looking for a discount code like nobody’s business and, quite frankly, we’re flabbergasted.

You’re clearly not happy with the fact that we already offer you the UK’s biggest range of stag and hen party accessories at ridiculously low prices.

And you obviously don’t appreciate the time, care and sheer love that goes into our product pages - the effort we put into photographing all of the products ourselves to give you our clean, colourful, razor-sharp images, or the time and energy put into our carefully constructed, witty and irreverent product descriptions.

But this isn’t good enough for you, is it? Is it?! Well, fine. You win.

Seeing as you’ve gone to the trouble of hunting around to save some dosh, we’ll save you the inconvenience of trawling through the internet and shall reward you with a 5% discount code for your efforts.

That’s just the sort of lovely bunch we are here at LNOF….

Just enter the following discount code at the checkout to receive 5% off our on-line accessories:

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