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Last Updated 08/01/2015

The days of taking your partner to a beautiful restaurant, ordering a bottle of the finest Champagne and getting down on one knee have suddenly been replaced by flash mobs, public proposals and in many cases - runaway women. We felt it was only fitting to round up 10 of the worst proposals captured on YouTube for your entertainment.

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1. Runaway Bride

Of course, nothing’s more feminine and lovely than proposing to the love of your life in a sports arena - jam packed with screaming basketball fans and the pungent smell of B.O. Just what every woman wants. Clearly, this chap thought along those lines, unfortunately, after leading his blindfolded partner down to the court and asking her to marry him, she proceeded to run away.

2. Turn the Other Cheek

Based on the last marriage proposal, we have come to the conclusion that a busy sports stadium is possibly not the best place to pop the question. Regrettably, this guy learnt that particular lesson a tad too late. In response to his heartfelt question, his lovely lady punched him in the face and left the stand.

3. Merry Me?

We can overlook grammatical errors in everyday life. However, when it involves asking your beloved for their hand in marriage, we may have to think twice. A man who misspells marry to merry probably isn’t going to be ‘The One’ for you. Well, unless you perhaps moonlight as Santa Claus once a year.

4. 'Errr, back to the studio'

A live TV proposal is always going to be somewhat of a risk, especially if it goes wrong and you are left with a YouTube clip of the humiliating incident. That is exactly what happened here. This gentleman’s rather premature proposal left his prospective bride-to-be speechless and him nursing a broken heart, along with a very bruised ego.

5. iPhone Gate

Although it is rather strange, you’d think lovingly arranging 99 iPhones (at a cost of £53,600 we might add) in the shape of a heart would be enough to guarantee a heartfelt yes from your one true love. Sadly, as this young man found out, that wasn’t to be the case. His partner evidently thought this was a hideous way to propose and answered his question with a flat no. On the upside, he did then have 99 iPhones to play with. Silver linings.

6. Comedic Rejection

It may be a comedian who is the star of this clip but we can assure you there is nothing funny about this video. The term ‘clearing the room’ has never been more apt as this man took it upon himself to drag his unsuspecting girlfriend on to the stage and pop the question. Unsurprisingly, this went down like a lead balloon with the leading lady who promptly exited stage right.

7. McProposal

If this isn’t proposing outside of the box, we don’t know what is. This creative genius chose to place his engagement ring in a chicken burger, still in its box. He didn’t even put it on a plate. Fast food and a proposal, it’s hardly a tale worthy of Mills and Boon. His leading lady obviously didn't agree, as we can in fact reveal - she said yes. It’s something to tell the grandkids.

8. Sent off the Pitch

If there’s one thing you don’t need when asking the most important question of your life, it’s thousands of sports fan booing you as you do so. This poor chap suffered that world-please-open-up-and-swallow-me-into-the-ground experience as he got down on one knee in front of his petrified girlfriend. We won’t spoil the surprise for you, but we are quite confident you can predict her answer.

9. The Happiest Day of Your Life?

When professing your undying love to your better half, tears of joy can be quite a welcome accompaniment. However, when she is sobbing uncontrollably, you could be forgiven for thinking that this isn’t going well. This young man had barely uttered his first word before his significant other readied herself to flee, in a scene reminiscent of Usain Bolt at the 2012 Olympic Games.

10. #fastfoodfail

The smell of burgers in the air, teenagers screeching in the corner blasting MC Spiritfingers (or whatever) out of their shiny phones. As a mother attempts to soothe her wailing child, it may strike you that this is not the ideal place for a proposal, but this guy though it was just picture perfect. Rightly so, his partner was more than a little astonished at his choice of venue and naturally, she said no.

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