17 Signs That Prove You Have an Epic Bromance

Last Updated 08/09/2015
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Bros make life worth living. FACT. Just like Ant and Dec, Batman and Robin and Jedward and Jedward – you and your brotha from anotha mutha are like two halves of a whole. In fact, we reckon you wouldn’t even be where you are today (a huge success, obvs), without your main main, your one true love - your bro. You know you're in a serious Bromance with mad Brove when you're doing these...

1. You're not afraid to hug it out.

A man jumping on another man and hugging him

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2. You speak in code...

Chandler and Joey from Friends pointing

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3. ...and finish each other's sentences. YOU GUYS.

The Weasley twins in a scene from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

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4. Your fashion is ALWAYS on point.

A scene from Scrubs with Friends with two men walking down the hallway

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5. But you've also been know to dress up as each other to freak the sh*t out of your friends. 100 LAD points.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul dressed up as each other in a club

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6. You have cute little nicknames for each other.

Ben Affleck speaking to Matt Damon

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7. You can talk actual sh*t for hours.

A scene from the Scream film with men talking on the phone

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8. Your dancing is at a whole other level. Seriously, lasses will LOVE you with moves like this.

Two men dancing

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9. There are literally no boundaries. ZERO.

A man asking to rub noses with another man

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10. And you do weird sh*t with each other.

Two men doing gymnastics

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11. You're basically the same person. Proper #Bromance.

Two men mirroring each other on stage

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12. You feel guilty when you spend time with ANYONE else, especially your partner.

Nicolas Cage crying

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13. You've been through thick and thin and always come out the other side with a big old smile on your face.

A scene from Lord of The Rings with Frodo and Sam hugging

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14. You'll even support them when they look like this. This is true Bromanship.

Vinnie and Pauly D talking in a scene from Jersey Shore

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15. You literally CANNOT live without each other.

A man crying

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16. You may sometimes fight...

Chandler throwing water over Joey in a scene from Friends

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17. ...but if you have the ultimate Bromance, we know you'll make the ultimate best man.

Two men saying I Love You to each other

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