5.0 Shades of

Last Updated 12/02/2015

All this talk of Fifty Shades of Grey and the mysterious Christian Grey has got us thinking. How better to celebrate the release of this phenomenon than with a night of decadence and debauchery on our very own Grey Street?

Like This?

As any fellow Geordies will know, we’ve had a C. Grey on the scene for a long time now – we’re talking about the legend that is Charles Grey, of course.

Line drawing of Grey Street Newcastle bars

This guy, aside from lending his name to Earl Grey tea, could definitely beat Christian Grey in a fight. He was Prime Minister of our fair country in the 1830s and oversaw the abolition of the slave trade in the British Empire, pretty badass. These days, the G-dawg is taking it a bit easier, overlooking the beautiful Grey Street from the top of his monument and making sure everything is ticketey-boo in the Toon.

Grey Street also happens to be packed with some of the best nightlife in the city: A glittering thread of swanky bars, restaurants and nightclubs stretching from the iconic Grey’s Monument all the way down towards the River Tyne.

This makes it a prime spot for an excellent bar crawl, with place after place offering something different – and the best part is, it’s downhill all the way.

So, let’s begin. We start at:

The Botanist

Line drawing of Grey Street Newcastle bars

We’ll kick the whole night off with some very fancy looking drinks at one of Newcastle’s newest and most-hyped watering holes. This place has amazing views of Grey’s Monument and a Mediterranean-style courtyard/enchanted forest vibe throughout, making it a high-impact first stop on the Grey Street crawl. The cocktails are incredible, with lots of creative twists on classics (Basil and Plum Caipirinha, anyone?) and you could even get yourself set up for the night ahead with some suitably innovative nibbles. Once we’ve had our fill of botanically themed fun we can pop next door to…

The Charles Grey

Line drawing of Grey Street Newcastle bars

It would be simply remiss of us not to stop for a quick drink at the pub named after our hero. Climb a couple of flights of stairs and you’ll find yourself in the warm embrace of The Charles Grey. This cheery little pub is by no means as ‘high-concept’ as The Botanist, but it’s a cracking spot for a good, honest pint and they usually have three excellent local ales on tap. We’ll crowd in to one of the booths nd do some people watching from the large windows that face out on to Monument whilst we finish our pints. Now that we’ve paid our dues to the eponymous Earl Grey, we’ll move on to…

Pleased To Meet You

Line drawing of Grey Street Newcastle bars

So next up, we’ll head down past the Theatre Royal and hang a right up High Bridge Street to Pleased To Meet You. It’s technically located just off Grey Street, but PTMY is one of those places that just exudes an atmosphere of effortless cool and we wouldn’t want to miss it. They serve a huge range of beers, wines and cocktails, but, if it’s gin you’re in to, then you’re really in for a treat. PTMY’s main raison d'être is the Gin & Tonic – in all its many forms. With a menu of 50 gins, 8 tonics and 15 garnishes to mix and match, it would take forever to sample every combination and, frankly, we don’t recommend that you try...


Line drawing of Grey Street Newcastle bars

We’ll then head even further down the hill to the next stop on our Toon adventure – the sumptuously stylish Barluga. It’s time to hitch up your fancy pants, because this is what’s known in the biz as A Nice Place. By day they’ll serve you some first-rate food a drink; by night, this stylish bar fills with elegant people drinking, chatting and being generally exquisite. It’s classy, comfortable and has a touch of old-movie like opulence. Here, we can sip on champers and classic cocktails and chill out on the mezzanine in a casually urbane manner. Once we’ve polished off our bubbly and mingled with the great and the good, it’s time to head to the next place on our list for the grand finale


Line drawing of Grey Street Newcastle bars

For our final stop, it’s time to cut the umbilical cord and stray just beyond the end of Grey Street to one of the city’s most exclusive bars. Livello is a known haunt of many celebrities – including the Geordie Princess herself, Cheryl Cole – and is certainly the sort of place that the likes of Christian Grey would hang out (remember our theme, folks?). This is definitely where you go to see and be seen. More often than not you’ll find a car parked outside that costs more than a London flat, and inside you’ll be surrounded by the Toon’s bright, young things getting dressed up and letting their hair down in its chic interior. A word to the wise – the doormen can afford to be picky here and don’t just let anyone in, so make sure you’re dressed to the nines and on your best behaviour. If you really want to pull out the stops, then reserve a VIP area with bottle service. Here, you can party like there’s no tomorrow to some top DJs, in a haze of fine champagne, premium spirits, beautiful people and indoor fireworks (they love a firework at Livello).

Then when all is said and done and drunk, we’ll climb in to a waiting taxi and then fall in to our beds, thoroughly exhausted by the epic night we’ve just had. Here’s to those fine Grey chaps.

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