8 Drunk Conversations

Last Updated 23/04/2015

After ten or so pints and a round the world trip in the works, the night can become a bit of a blur – so we’ve rounded up what happens when lads go out for ‘just a few'. It’ll be eye-opening.

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1. ‘I’ll wingman you bro.'

A scene from the TV show How I Met Your Mother

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‘Are you a good wingman?’ ‘Yeah, course mate, I've been with loads of lasses. I’ve got your back.' No one understands you like Dave does. He’ll sort you out with a lass, no problem.

2. ‘We should open a bar.’ 'We'll pull loads of lasses.'

A scene from the film Stepbrothers with two men speaking to each other

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There is absolutely nothing that could go wrong with this plan in any way! You and Mike would run a great bar. You drink and you go to bars, right - you’ve got all the qualifications you’ll need, son.

3. ‘I need to see the world, mate.' ‘I know, let’s go around the world! Tomorrow.’

A scene from The Hobbit with a man running through a field

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Again, nothing at all could go wrong with this scheme. You’ve only just met Mike tonight and opened a bar in the space of an hour, but sure, go interrailing.

4. ‘Let’s just put all of this on hold, I’ve broken the seal.’

Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory in bed

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When nature calls, listen. She might have something important to say.

5. ‘You are wrong!’ ‘No, I’m not. Man U are s***, mate!’

A man pointing from a scene in Breaking Bad

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No, he’s right and they are. It’s all about the Toon, lads.

6. *Roaring. Just roaring.*

A man shouting from the film Anchorman

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‘We must shout loudly to assert dominance over the bar, lads.’

7. ‘See that lass over at the bar? I slept with her at uni. She’s mental.’

Animated man rolling his eyes

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He didn’t. She isn’t.

8. ‘Alright mate, can I have the Hellish Inferno Pizza Challenge please?’

Joey from the TV show Friends eating pizza

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‘You sure, Dave?’ ‘Yeah, I can do this with my eyes closed.’ After a short trip to A&E, we’ve come to two conclusions: Dave cannot hold his drink, and you and Mike are going to make excellent pub landlords. Cheers.