8 of the Most Romantic

Last Updated 22/04/2015

Public proposals: Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re, like, so vogue. Either you think it’s a super-romantic gesture, a public declaration of your love for one another, or just a great way to ensure that as many people as possible will see you ugly-cry your way through one of the happiest moments of your life.

Like This?

We’ve put together some of the best examples of the public proposal, from cute and creative to completely over-the-top, pants-on-head mental.

Finding Neverland

Wendy finally got her Peter with this too-cute-for-words proposal. When Peter Pan obsessed Moriah met Chris, an actor playing Peter Pan, it seemed like all of her dreams had come true. Then, the eternal boy decided to be a man and ask for her hand in marriage and live happily ever. A true fairytale.

Under the Sea

Most people find it tricky to catch their breath when being proposed to on dry land, never mind 20ft underwater. He did it properly too, with the treasure chest on the sea bed and even a bloody poem in rhyming couplets for good measure. Show off.

Do It Yourself

Yes, flash mob proposals may be slightly over-done these days, but we’ll allow this one. The troupe of smug drama school students, with their elaborate, 12-minute performance pieces, have been replaced with friends and loved ones for a simple and well-coordinated boogie in a DIY store – plus the proposer even gets stuck in with the routine at the end. Bonus points for not setting it to Bruno Mars’ ‘Marry You’. Just the right mix of cute, silly and heartfelt.

Do It Yourself: Part 2

We can’t decide if this one is a great romantic twist, or just plain lazy. A guy tricks his beloved into organising her own proposal party. So, she think she’s planning a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend without his knowledge, when actually, he’s getting her to organise a fake surprise birthday party that is in fact her own engagement party without her knowledge – got all that?

The Horror!

Elevated heartbeat, sweaty palms, the ever present possibility of bursting into tears … is it a horror movie or a proposal? The look of dawning realisation on this woman’s face is worth the watch alone – plus, the very real prospect that she’s about to kill him for pulling this kind of stunt, the moment he sets foot in the cinema.

Disturbing the Peace

Alissa, a woman instrumental in the movement to legalise gay marriage in Washington, is called out of a meeting due to a ‘disturbance’ outside – only to find her girlfriend stood atop a bus with a stack of signs, a la Love Actually, with a very important question to ask. Plus, there’s a brass band, so extra points all round.

Picture Perfect

Public Service Announcement: Ladies, your secret wedding board on Pinterest may not be so secret – even if you took the extra cunning precaution of calling it something like ‘I Totally Do’ (real cryptic). Here, one guy used his wife’s Dream Wedding board as inspiration for an all-in-one proposal and wedding package.

The pants-on-head mental one that we promised you

Frankly, we reckon this guy might’ve gone a touch overboard, but then again most of us are card-carrying cynics, so who are we to judge? Basically, combine the Olympic opening ceremony with a Broadway production of Fame and you’ve got this proposal. You’ve gotta see it to believe it.