8 Things All Women

Last Updated 22/04/2015

After a couple of (or ten) cocktails, we usually find ourselves uttering words of wisdom, so we’ve decided to round up the normal sequence of events after we go out for just 'one drink'.

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1. 'Shotttttttttttttttttttttttts!’

A scene on the plane from the film Bridesmaids

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This is the best possible way to start a night and will definitely not end up with you waking up tomorrow and regretting every single possible thing you did the night before. ‘Let’s have some tequila!’

2. ‘Why don’t we do this more often?’ ‘This is so much fun!’

Two girls shrieking at each other

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Because you hate everyone you are out with and you’ve ended the night losing your phone, keys, dignity and drink – all in that order. ‘So, yeah, next Tuesday?’

3. *Crying*

Kim Kardashian crying

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Just, because.

4. ‘No, we should definitely (insert hairbrained scheme here)!’

my little pony let's do this

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Last time us lot at LNOF HQ went out, we decided to move to Austria and teach each other how to ski. So, yeah - you should definitely do everything you planned tonight, absolutely nothing can go wrong.

5. ‘I just don’t understand why you’re single. Look at your face – it’s so pretty!’

A drunk scene from the film Bridesmaids

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Closely followed by ‘I envy you being single actually, it must be so great going home alone.’ Yeah, we’ve all got that friend.

6. ‘I’m not drunk, you’re drunk!’

Natalie Portman drunk

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Kelly is way more drunk than you. You just made it all the way to the bathroom by yourself and managed to send this text ‘I’n inm thh3 t0uil;et. H3l;p!’

7. ‘Where the f*** has everyone gone?’

John Travolta Pulp Fiction

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‘Oh, there you all are.’ ‘No, please stay out. We’re not even that drunk yet!’ Someone get this girl a taxi.

8. ‘I’m so hungry, I’m going to die.’

Jennifer Lawrence saying 'Where's the Pizza?'

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‘Seriously, I’ve never been this hungry in my life. Like ever!’ Ah, pizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzza. The end to every good night out and also doubles up as breakfast when you wake up with your head in the box.