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Forget paintballing and bar crawls, if you want a truly extreme last night of freedom, then who should you call but Bear Grylls? We don't know about you, but we couldn't get enough of The Island with Bear Grylls when it was on Channel 4, so we thought we'd find a way to get in on the action. Of course, we're a bit short on tropical islands round these parts, but a spot of rain never hurt anyone anyway.

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We’ve teamed up with the folks over at the Bear Grylls Survival Academy to offer the ultimate stag and hen do challenge. This four day survival experience will push you to your limit and then a little bit further as you take on Mother Nature herself in the wild and remote surroundings of Dartmoor. The course will look something like this (but perhaps with a few surprises along the way):

Day 1

Bear Grylls Landrover

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The adventure begins. You will meet your course leaders and make sure you have all the right kit, then you will then be driven out in to the remote wilderness by 4×4 vehicles to the academy’s base camp where you will be issued with your personal training equipment. There's no turning back from here!

You now begin your training as a super-tough survivalist, starting with a practical lesson on knife use. You will then have the opportunity to explore your surroundings and prepare an Alpine Style Hut meal with only wild and natural ingredients. It will be your first real challenge with no running water, electricity or processed food on hand. This may be the last hot food you eat, so enjoy it fellas.

Day 2

People sitting around a campfire

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Today you will be taking on the great outdoors and beginning your field training, learning how to navigate, improvise climbing equipment and basic first aid. This is followed by a lesson in trapping, hunting and purifying water then wild food preparation. The day ends with some survival stories around the campfire that will scare you more than any ghost story.

Day 3

helicopter on Dartmoor

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You’ll be up with the sun (or before. You're survivors now, survivors don't get lie-ins) for and a lesson in self-defence, self-preservation, primal instinct training, then it’s time for and extreme mountain training day. You’ll be scrambling up and down cliff faces, negotiating tough terrain and navigating your way through the wilderness. Then you’ll get a low-level helicopter flight over the moor – and there may be some surprises along the way. The time has come for you to fend for yourself. Good luck.

Day 4

Man abseiling over a ravine

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If you survive the night, well done, but no one is coming to get you. You and your team have to self-rescue and find your own way back thecivilisation. If you think you’ve got what it takes, then book now for the ultimate last night of freedom.

Last Updated - 28/11/2018