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Last Updated 23/09/2015
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Us lot at LNOF know there’s nothing worse than a badly kept beard. We shudder at the thought of those uneven patches, the pesky crumbs you discover from breakfast, and the dreaded in-between shave itches. The designer stubble has been in-Vogue for so long that now is time to embrace the future of facial hair; the clean shaven look. Whether you’re sporting this look for a wedding, night out or just your day to day life shenanigans, it’s never been more important to get your shave right. That’s why we’ve teamed up with award winning Bluebeards Revenge, to ensure your razor tekkers don’t let you down. Bluebeards Revenge Marketing and PR Manager, Nick Gibbens, has given us a few top tips on how to shave the right way. So listen up, fellas...

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Shaving, for many, is a necessary evil – a daily or perhaps bi-weekly ritual that is indulged in begrudgingly, proving more of a chore than any sort of pleasure. Preparation is a step that is often forgotten by busy men who have limited time to spare in the mornings, but it is crucial in achieving a smooth and painless shave. Men with sensitive skin in particular should make the effort to squeeze a few more minutes into their routine, as avoiding painful irritation and unsightly razor rashes will make all the difference to your day.

Prior to your shave, soak a small towel or flannel in hot water and press gently onto the target area for several minutes to soften hairs and skin. Follow with a generous layer of The Bluebeards Revenge Pre-Shave Oil to further intensify this effect while also enhancing razor glide, making for an altogether smoother and easier shave. For best results, leave to soak for several minutes before proceeding onto the next step.

When preparing your shaving cream, use a brush to mix a small amount with a few drops of water, as this will enable you to create the richest possible lather. When using The Bluebeards Revenge’s luxury shaving cream, a little goes a long way, and an almond-sized quantity mixed with a few drops of water is all you’ll need to get things going. Once satisfied with the results, apply evenly to the skin, using the brush once again to lift and coat each individual hair, exfoliating skin in the process.

A mistake many men make is to shave against the grain, but contrary to popular belief, this is not the way to go. Doing so puts you at risk of nasty ingrown hairs, and is also far more likely to result in razor rash, burn and irritation. Instead, shave in small strokes with the grain, rinsing your razor regularly. Whether or not you require a second pass will depend on the density and length of your stubble – if necessary, go over the area again in a sideways direction, and if you’re still not satisfied, you can finish with a pass against the grain.

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When you’ve finished with the main event, be sure to rinse skin thoroughly with plenty of warm water. In order to maintain a smooth finish, it’s important to incorporate some post-shave care into your routine. The Bluebeards Revenge’s Post Shave Balm will calm and sooth any irritation or redness, leaving skin soft, comfortable and happy. Not only does this secret weapon contain witch-hazel and aloe vera to nourish the skin after shaving, but also Decelerine – a clever ingredient designed to reduce beard growth, as well as tackling common shaving woes which can leave skin inflamed and sore.

For lasting results, follow up daily with a good moisturiser to further prevent irritation, as well as reducing the oiliness that can lead to congestion and outbreaks – never something you want to have to contend with while shaving. Once you’ve tried these tips, we promise you won’t look back. In fact, you might even grow to enjoy your grooming routine.

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