Last Updated 04/04/2014

Dubbed as ‘the most intense sport on the planet – by far’, we wanted to investigate the sport that separates the men from the boys.

Like This?

When you think about it, Bubble Football is part of all of our lives, isn’t it? Not a big part, obviously, but each man probably spends around 3-5% percent of his life playing this intense and penetrating sport.

However, Adam and Jay, from the world-famous duo, Double Bubble Trouble, take Bubble Football to a whole new level of commitment.

“Training requires a disgusting level of dedication,” says Adam. “I get up at 3am and start the day with a pint of 7-Up and a ‘14-egg, egg-white omelette'.”

“Sometimes he adds ‘paprika,” says Jay.

“It’s true. A fiery kick in the stomach means a fiery kick on the pitch.”

“More than anything, Bubble Football is a curse,” says Jay, “because once you’ve gone Bubble, you’ll never go back. You have to live and breathe Bubble Football. You dream Bubble Football. You sweat Bubble Football. I literally sweat balls. And that’s the sign of a true athlete."

You may be wondering where you can follow in the footsteps of these sporting heroes, but you needn’t worry - by a completely random, freak coincidence, LNOF can arrange Bubble Football as a stag do activity.

Seriously, what are the chances of that?!

Minimal, we’d say.