Full of massive nightlife spots and grand architectural feats – it’s easy to overlook hidden gems in the Hungarian capital. From communist parties, to Dracula’s hideout – it’s time to go undercover, and explore Budapest’s best kept secrets.


01. For Sale Pub tiled images of notes stuck up in For Sale Pub

Just over the road from an unassuming shopping centre, lies the welcoming For Sale Pub. Despite the name, it’s not actually for sale – but permits visitors to leave personal advertisements, drawings, business cards, notes and other mementos on the walls. Whilst leaving your mark, you can also get yourself some delicious, hearty Hungarian fare.

02. KonyV Bar and Restaurant

www.konyvbar.huThree tiled images of themed meals in KonyV Bar and Restaurant, including Lassie and American Psycho meals

Tucked away down a back street of the Jewish Quarter, KonyV takes its name from the Hungarian word “könyv”, meaning book. The interesting thing about this unique restaurant, is that it chooses a weekly novel to base its entire menu and drinks on. For example, when the book of the week was Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper, they served ‘royal pheasant broth’ and ‘rich and poor’ coffee chocolate cake. ‘Novel’ idea, don’t think you?

03. Veli Bej tiled images of the interior and exterior of Veli Bej

Known as the ‘City of Baths’, Budapest is overflowing with thermal baths. Gellert Spa, Szechenyi and Lukacs baths are well known to tourists, but stray slightly off the beaten track, and you’ll arrive in the tranquil Veli Bej. Unlike its huge counterparts, Veli Bej Turkish baths are small, cosy and extremely fresh looking, despite their origins in the 16th century.

04. Red Ruin tiled images of Red Ruin bar, with communist drawings all over the wall

Unlike other Soviet Bloc countries, Budapest certainly has a good sense of humour when it comes to poking fun at its rocky communist past. Nestled within an ancient looking façade, Red Ruin bar embodies this humour – with murals of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong on the wall, wearing birthday hats and having a super-fun “communist party.”

05. Vajdahunyad Castle

www.mezogazdasagimuzeum.huThree tiled images of Vajdahunyad Castle, including one reflected in water

We love a first draft as much as the next man, but this one is something special. Located on an artificial island in the heart of Budapest, and little known to tourists - the entirety of Vajdahunyad Castle was constructed using cardboard and wood, until it proved its worth and was commissioned to be built in stone in 1904.

06. Hospital in the Rock tiled images of The Hospital in the Rock in Budapest, with mannequins acting as nurses and patients

Hidden among almost six miles of natural tunnels and caves underneath Buda Castle, a museum preserves the history of a secret underground surgical hospital from WWII. In 1958, the hospital was extended into a cramped nuclear and chemical shelter – where people hid from potential weapons of mass destruction, during the Cold War. Brave visitors can even take part in a competitive (and just a little bit creepy) nuclear readiness drill amongst the gruesome injured mannequins.

07. Labyrinth under Castle Hill tiled images - one of Castle Hill under a moon, one of the tunnels under the castle and one of a waxwork of Count Dracula

A complex underground network of caves and cellars run beneath Buda Castle Hill, where all manner of historical events have taken place – including the famous imprisonment of Vlad Tepes, better known as Count Dracula. Visitors can even explore the eerie, dark tunnels, equipped with only flickering lanterns and their own courage.

08. Zwack Unicum Factory

www.zwackunicum.huThe Zwack Unicum factory and a bottle of the spirit

Made from 40 different herbs and spices, and based on a secret family recipe, Unicum (if you can look past the name…) is a delicious authentic Hungarian drink which graces the shelves of every bar in Budapest. On the banks of the Danube, and therefore straying into territory unfrequented by tourists, you can enjoy tours of the whacky Zwack Unicum Factory – and even sample the potent nectar.

09. Flipper Muzeum

www.flippermuzeum.huThree tiled images of different styles of pinball machines from Flipper Museum

“Ever since I was a young boy, I've played the silver ball, from Soho down to Brighton, I must have played ‘em all” – but we’ll forgive The Who for missing this one, as it’s so well hidden. Located in a basement, under a rundown residential building in central Budapest, Flipper Museum has rows of fully working pinball machines – including the rare Mesovonat machine, the only known Hungarian-made pinball machine. Your entry fee covers use of all of the machines, for the entire day.

10. Istvantelek Train Yard tiled images of disused trains in Istvantelek Train Yard

Occupying a vast area of land just outside Budapest and little known to tourists, the ‘Red Star Train Graveyard’ has more than 100 locomotives and train cars rotting away – some which were used to transport prisoners to Auschwitz during the Holocaust. The majority of the engines are slowly losing their battle with the elements, meaning this hidden gem may not be around for ever. Catch it while you can…

11. Michael Jackson Memorial Tree split image of people grieving around Micheal Jackson's memorial tree and the tree itself

Since his death in 2009, grieving Hungarians have transformed a previously nondescript tree into a shrine to Michael Jackson. Covered in photographs, flowers and letters, with all manner of memorial paraphernalia carved into its bark – the area is now somewhat of a tourist attraction. The tree itself, however, is less of a Budapest secret than the impromptu flash mobs occurring annually around the shrine on The King of Pop’s birthday (29 August).

12. Szimpla Kert Farmers’ Market

Three tiled images of Szimpla Market, with fruit and veg being sold within the ruin bar

If you come to Budapest and you don’t visit Szimpla Kert ruin bar - you’re doing it wrong. This is a huge, well known pub with quirky, mismatched furniture including sawn-off Trabant cars and even an open air cinema. But, less well known, Szimpla Kert hosts a traditional farmers’ market every Sunday morning, with locally produced, healthy, farm-fresh and home-grown salami, homemade syrup, jams and other delicacies on offer for bargain prices.

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Last Updated - 30/10/2023

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