Celebrity Stag and Hen

After Ed Miliband’s status as a fully-fledged ladies’ man was established when he gatecrashed a rowdy hen weekend during the election campaign, we thought it was only fitting to round up the very best stag and hen gatecrashers. And as we're wizards and all round heroes of the stag and hen industry, who better to fondly look back over these priceless moments?

Other Top Celeb Gatecrashers

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking posing for a picture with a group of men dressed as Bananaman

via cambridgenews.co.uk

A group of gentlemen sporting Bananaman outfits whilst walking through the charming city of Cambridge is pretty standard for us nowadays (we get up to a lot of things back at LNOF HQ), but when you add Stephen Hawking to that mix, well - it all just gets a little bit weird. The prof and his son were spotted getting out of the car by the bunch of bananas, who then ran over and asked for a quick snap/new FB profile picture. You’ve got to hand it to the lads – they don’t miss an opportunity.

Bill Murray

This Hollywood champ is making quite the name for himself in the stag and hen industry. He’s turned up unannounced to several stag parties and his gatecrashing has become something of a modern day urban legend. During one particular party, Murray turned up to a steakhouse where a bunch of lads were celebrating and proceeded to impart his wisdom on wedded bliss (this from a guy who’s been married twice, so he’s got twice as much wisdom). Of course, this impromptu speech was before he hoisted the slightly stunned groom-to-be over his shoulders whilst his mates cheered. Good old Bill, eh.

Kanye West

Kanye West posing with a hen party at a restaurant

via @jkingsbery Instagram

Noted for his particularly humble, shy and retiring personality, Kanye surprised everyone when he crashed (well, we say crashed – he just happened to be in the same restaurant, but that’s not as exciting) a hen party and sent over bottles of champers to the bride-to-be. He even sat with the lasses and let them take a pic with him, though not too close (let’s not get silly now) before telling them all about his marriage with Kim K. Maybe he’s not too bad after all, guys.

Gerard Butler

Kanye West posing with a hen party at a restaurant

via @Vorfreude___ Twitter

Hollywood hunk, Gerard Butler, was busy filming his latest movie in Sydney when he bumped into a group of excitable hens as he got off his yacht (ah, the lives of the rich and famous). After realising just what kind of shindig he had crashed, the beefcake asked if he could join the celebrations and, like, you know, make every single woman on planet Earth so super jealous. Of course, we’re not saying that we are jealous - we would just like to be on a boat in Australia with Gerard Butler, so… definitely not jealous.

Last Updated - 27/11/2018