Cute Couples Who Will Melt Your Heart

Last Updated 03/09/2015
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So, it’s official; Summer is over. But, don’t be fooled into thinking that just because Wedding Season is drawing to a close, all romance has to end. In fact, us here at LNOF reckon quite the opposite. Autumn has arrived. And sure, the reality is that we’ve got soggy socks, our hair’s frizzy from the drizzle, and we’ve just ruined our new Autumn boots by stepping in fresh dog sh*t. But for a moment, forget reality, and treat yourself to a dip in our daydream

The nights are drawing in, as we stroll thoughtfully home through a nearby meadow, we sense our own breath, just visible in the crisp evening air. Our footsteps leave delicate, graceful trails in the dewy yet sun-kissed grass. We’re cosily wrapped up in our favourite woolly jumper, our hand knit cable scarf and our snug, oversized duffle coat, whilst kicking up plumes of freshly fallen leaves. We arrive home and are greeted by the familiar, warm smile of our beloved. We snuggle up in front of the roaring log fire, wrapped in blankets and enjoy a steamy hot chocolate with lashings of cream and marshmallows. Ah, Autumn really is the perfect season to fall in love

1. Weekend break in Paris? Yeah, we pop over the Channel all the time.

couples in Paris

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2. Nothing beats a classic vintage movie couple.

couples from old fashioned movies

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3. Couples frolicking in crisp Autumn leaves.

couples in autumn season

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4. Because Yuletide loving is the best kind of loving.

couples at Christmas

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5. Effortlessly cool couples.

three pairs of fashionable couples

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6. A Prince and Princess couple trumps pretty much every other couple.

Kate and William couple pictures

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7. Cosy couples chilling at home.

couples in the house

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8. Couples embracing precipitation.

couples in the rain

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9. Wonderful Wedding day couples.

wedding couples

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10. We do love a woolly jumper couple.

couples in woolly jumpers

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11. Evidence that love is infinite.

old couple in hammock

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