Edinburgh's Mammoth Scottish

Alright, bonny lads. Edinburgh is brimming with ale, whisky, boozers, haggis and highland games. It’s a wee charmer of a capital, with a buzzing Old and New Town, and we’ve got the biggest and best package for your stag do - from just £197 per person. Feeling Caledonian…?

Whisky Tasting Session

Three tiled images - including two of glasses filled with whisky, and one of the exterior of The Royal McGregor pub

You can feel whisky in the air of Edinburgh. This city produces gallons of liquid nectar and lays claim to the world’s largest Scotch whisky company. Whisky is the blood of Edinburgh, and it’s none more so evident than at The Royal McGregor. This family-run establishment is a well-stocked bar on The Royal Mile – Scotland’s most famous street. This traditional venue is dedicated to the country’s greatest export, with an expertly compiled list of whisky – one that you will sample under the expert of a connoisseur. You’ll taste four malts, with dark chocolate for that all-round whisky tasting experience, before heading back out into the lively street. Cheers.

Cav Club Guestlist Entry

Four tiled images - including two of packed dance floors in Cav Club, one of people queuing outside the venue and one of a woman holding a giant sparkler on stage

We’re not going to leave you high and dry at night. We’ve got you covered with entry to Cav Club. This is the biggest club in Edinburgh, boasting a capacity of a huge 12,000, with over 60 years of history in the city’s world-famous live music scene. If these walls could talk… Pink Floyd, The Ramones, Calvin Harris and Example are just some of the names that have appeared on the big stage. You’ve got three themed rooms – Cav, Disco and the main bar – as well as the Luxe Lounge (ooh err) and six different bars to get drinks for the stag.

Comedy Club Entry

Three tiled images - including one of a man performing in stage at Monkey Barrel comedy club, one of a man holding a mic and the sign outside Monkey Barrel

When you think of comedy, you think of Edinburgh. Those kilt-wearing-bonny-lads are hilarious, and the country has produced some of the finest comedians we can think of – Frankie Boyle and Robbie Coltrane to name a few. . We’ve got you top seats to one of the biggest comedy venues in the country, with different shows on every night of the week. You’ve got The Big Show on Friday, Project X on Tuesdays and the Top Banana on Wednesdays. Again, this place is just off The Royal Mile – packed full of old-school boozers, serving up a proper pint – and it has a capacity of 100.

Mini Highland Games

Three tiled images - including one of men in kilts and walking in a field, men cheering and a man panting the face of another man whilst wearing Scottish hats

Feeling particularly Scottish yet? No… we’ve got just the thing. Shout for FREEEEEDOM with our Mini Highland Games – celebrating everything ginger, whisky related and traditionally Scottish. These events are synonymous with Auld Reekie – you’ve got the classics; Tossing the Hammer (self-explanatory), Tug ‘o’ War, Hurling the Wellies, Tossing the Caber (lobbing a tree trunk) and Putting the Stane (chucking rocks). But, there’s a whole load of 21st century challenges to conquer – The Farmers Dash (basically, run for your life), Tyre Flip, The Haggis Malt Challenge (bowls with sheep innards and whisky…) and Weight o’er the Bar (swinging a weight over a bar), with a wee dram of whisky for the winner. We’re sweating just thinking about it…

Royal Mile Apartments

It doesn’t get any better than sleeping on The Royal Mile (in a bed, not the street…). These first-class apartments, just off the world-famous street, are close to the city’s most traditional boozers. They are ideal for downtime, with a generous living area and TV, and you’re also just five minutes from Edinburgh Waverley. You won’t have to stretch your legs too much the morning after.

Now you're a fully-fledged Scot, go straight to our Edinburgh stag do package page. But if you'res till not sold , or want to see what else this glorious city has to offer then head over to the Edinburgh stag weekends page.

Last Updated - 28/11/2018