How to Get the Attention of a Lingerie Model

Last Updated 13/03/2014
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Don’t be fooled by Tiny Millican – she might be tiny, but this pint-sized beauty knows what she she wants and isn't afraid to set you straight. You won’t come across this sort of woman often, but should you ever be so lucky, we’ve found out how best to impress her. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it…

Tiny Millican and a guy

Chic underwear AND a fur coat - prepared for all weather conditions

Chat-up lines are cringy, but I've heard some hilarious ones. The other day a man asked me where the nearest vet was. I asked why. He then curled his bicep and made his hand into a point and said, ‘so I can get some attention for this sick swan’. All you can do is laugh. It would have been amazing if he'd been joking, but unfortunately he was being completely serious.

Being a lingerie model makes me feel much more confident taking my clothes off. Once you’ve pranced around in your bra and knickers in front of a camera crew and then get put on the front of a magazine, it seems a bit ridiculous to feel coy. But that doesn’t make me an extrovert and it doesn’t make me promiscuous – there’s only one person who sees me in my underwear in real life.

I like men with ambition. I don’t care what their job is, but thinking about the future is attractive. I like to challenge myself and try new things and I like guys who are the same way. Not changing your routine simply because you’re lazy is definitely unattractive.

I sleep completely naked. Anything else makes me feel claustrophobic. I can’t stand the light either, so I used to sleep with an eye-mask on but it kept slipping off round my neck - and waking up naked with something around your neck can be a bit of a daunting experience!

I like low-maintenance men. I can’t deal with a man spending longer in the bathroom than I do. However, I do like man in a well-cut suit. Nothing makes a man look more attractive than a really good suit.

The most romantic gesture I ever received was from my boyfriend. He knew I really needed a new laptop to progress with my photography work but I couldn’t afford it. So he sold his DJ decks and bought me one as a surprise. That gesture still helps me today and that was almost three years ago now.

I’m not a chocolate and wine sort of girl. My biggest vice is beer. Don’t presume I love chardonnay, I like old man pubs with a roaring fire and proper ale. I went to Germany for my birthday recently. They serve beer in 2-pinters, which is always a bonus. I made point of trying as many beers as I possible could - and fitting even more in my suitcase

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