How to Wear White Q&A with Francesca Beauman

Last Updated 08/05/2015
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As the wedding season approaches, we’ve teamed up with author, Francesca Beauman, in order to bring you her top tips on hen party planning. Inspired by her book, How to Wear White, Francesca provides everything you need to know before you enter into the dizzying, daring dance that is a modern marriage.

From the totally frivolous to the deeply serious, champagne consumption in the Yemen to celebrity wedding dress designers, How to Wear White is a funny, eclectic and essential addition to every twenty-first-century bride's trousseau.

 How to Wear White and Author Francesca Beauman

How to Wear White author, Francesca Beauman

What are the most unusual hen night traditions you have come across? Sleeping with a man who is not your fiancé. It takes the phrase ‘last night of freedom’ to a whole new level.

Tell us about your dream hen party weekend. A night out at the legendary Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles with Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Lauren Laverne and Rowan Pelling. We’d have a sumptuous dinner with lots of drinks, followed by skinny dipping in the hotel pool. The night would end with Michelle holding my hair out of my face whilst I throw up. The perfect way to say goodbye to single life, surely.

What are the most bizarre wedding rituals you have come across? Taking your entire family away on holiday with you. In the seventeenth century, this was completely normal. Seems like a bit of a passion killer to me.

Any advice on the types of men that modern woman should avoid? Anyone who’s horrid to their mother. And anyone who hasn’t read a book in the last year. They can't be trusted.

In How to Wear White, there’s a chapter called ‘What to do if a swarm of bees attacks your wedding’ – sound advice. However, what would you advise if a shark rocked up at your beach wedding? Invite it to join you for the first dance.

 How to Wear White and Author Francesca Beauman

Talk about turning up uninvited

What would be your advice be for nervous brides on the morning of the wedding? Have a glass of champagne. Or two (but don’t get sloshed).

What do you think really happens on a wedding night? (Aside from the obvious...) Lots of lovely sleeping.

What is loveliest proposal you have ever heard of? A couple I know went on one date, but the next day he was due to sail to America on the Queen Mary for a business trip. On his first night on board, he used the ship’s stationary to write her a note that simply said ‘Will you marry me?’. When he returned, they went on many more dates and after exactly one year he gave her the note (and she said yes, of course).

And the worst proposal? Any time that someone asks when they’re drunk – who wants to spend the rest of their life wondering if he really meant it?

You give guidance on making the perfect roast dinner – but if you can’t cook, do you think you can still find love? Yes – but only with someone who can cook.

What is the secret to a happy marriage/wedded bliss? Politeness. Always.

You can buy a copy of How to Wear White at www.bloomsbury.com, but keep an eye out for our social media giveaway coming soon...