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Local expert, Michaela Smiskova, shares the stag weekend secrets of one of Poland's liveliest cities, Poznan - including the best bars, strip clubs and the all important hangover food. It's going to be a once in a lifetime experience.

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Michaela Our Polish travel guru, Michaela Smiskova, knows the best ways to celebrate your stag do in the Polish capital - Warsaw.


What are the top activities for a stag do in Poznan?

Go Karting is always a popular choice and it's such a great laugh. However, I would definitely recommend the bobsleigh and husky sledge, as when are you ever going to be taking part in these activities again?


Where would you recommend staying in the city?

A close up of the Brovaria Hotel with people sitting outside in the restaurant

The popular Brovaria Hotel

The Brovaria Hotel is the perfect choice – it's slap-bang in the heart of the Old Town. I would always recommend staying around here, as this is where everything happens.


Where should I eat?

You should definitely eat at Mexicana, it's like a little slice of Mexico in the heart of Poznan. The food is traditional Mexican and there's even a live Mariachi band singing as you eat – the atmosphere is amazing. And, Whisky in the Jar – by day it’s a mouthwatering steakhouse and, at night, filled with live music and people.


Where are the best places to celebrate?

Latin bar, Cuba Libre, and Club 22 are fantastic for partying, as well as Bee Jay's. But, definitely Pacha – this is a huge venue. Mick Jagger even celebrated his 60th birthday at Pacha, so it’s is well worth a visit.


What are the best pubs / areas for a buzzing atmosphere?

The interior of Whisky in the Jar bar / restaurant, Poznan

Celebrate in Whisky in the Jar

I know I have mentioned it, but Whisky in the Jar has free gigs and such an infectious and lively atmosphere at the weekends. Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa is also always busy and packed with different types of people.


Are drinks cheap? And, are there any local favourites we should try?

The cheapest drink is about 4 PLN (which is exactly 67p) – so it's very reasonable. Everyone should try 'cytrynówka' – a lemon flavoured vodka drink – it's the best way to start a night out.


What time do the pubs close on average?

About 3 – 5am, so it’s quite late.


Any good lap dancing clubs to embarrass the Groom-to-Be?

Nefretete is a great place for stag groups. They have go-go dancers and the women are beautiful - you'll definitely have fun celebrating in there.


What local dishes will cure a hangover?

A close up of traditional dumplings in a pan, alongside a mushroom

Pierogi - the ultimate hangover cure

Rosol, which is chicken soup, will really hit the spot after a night out. I would also recommend Pierogi, which are basically dumplings – jam-packed with a sweet or savoury filling. They are really stodgy and hearty - you won’t have a headache after trying these.


What should I see?

The Old Town is the centre of the party and the city’s main attraction, the Renaissance Town Hall (which has two mechanical goats that butt heads every noon), is right in the heart of it. If you want to get a bit of shopping in, make sure you visit 'The Old Brewery', which is absolutely full of fantastic stores.


Is it an easy city to get around?

Yes, there are trams dotted about all over the city centre. The trams run around every 10 minutes, so you won't be waiting at a stop for long.


Any top tips for stag weekends?

The luxurious and white interior of Pacha nightclub, Poznan

Luxurious Pacha via gigster

If you're going to nightclubs like Pacha, you do have to cover up visible tattoos and wear smart clothing.


How do I get to Poznan?

You can get to Poznan very easily thanks to Wizzair and Ryanair. Using Wizzair, you can book flights from London Luton, Glasgow, Doncaster and Sheffield. Ryanair has flights available from London Stansted, Liverpool, Bristol and Dublin.

Last Updated - 12/11/2018