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With many awesome restaurants, pubs, and clubs, as well as a steamy strip club and so much to see and do - Wroclaw is an ideal stag do destination.

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Gabriela Our Polish events coordinator, Gabriela, gives us a few insider tips on hitting Wroclaw for your stag weekend.


Where are the best places to party?

I'd recommend Cherry, PRIV and Domówka - three of the most popular and busy clubs in Wroclaw.


What are the best pubs, or areas for a party atmosphere?

Rainbow shots lined up in Czupito

Rainbow shots in Czupito via starstagram

The city is well known for its fantastic nightlife and all round party vibe. Pijalnia Wódki I Piwa is a great place to start your night, with quirky interiors and a real party atmosphere. Papa Bar is a good place for beers and cocktails, whereas, Czupito is an awesome place if shots are more your thing.


Are drinks cheap? Are there any local favourites I should try?

Drinks are much cheaper than back in the UK. When in Wroclaw, you should definitely try local beers such as Zywiec, Tyskie, Okocim and Lech. During colder seasons, a popular refreshment is hot beer with cloves and cinnamon, sweetened with honey. And, vodka, of course - Zubrówka and Soplica are the most famous brands, and Soplica Orzech Laskowy is the most popular vodka in all of Wroclaw.


What time do the pubs close?

Generally they close their doors at 1:00am.


Any good strip clubs to take the Groom to?

Open ‘til 4am, Le Secret is an epic, centrally located, exclusive strip club.


What would you say are the best restaurants?

Steak meal from Whiskey in the Jar restaurant in Wroclaw

Steak and chips from Whiskey in the Jar via wroclawodkuchni

Whiskey In the Jar is a fantastic American style restaurant, serving steaks, burgers and grilled dishes. Akropol Na Solnym is also worth a visit.


Are there any local dishes that could help with hangovers?

I’d always suggest scrambled eggs or steak for a hangover, but they’re a universal hangover remedy. The Polish traditional dish Zurek is quite good for hangovers - it's a soup made of soured rye flour and meat.


Any hidden gems I shouldn’t miss visiting while I’m there?

Four tiled images of the Wroclaw dwarfs

Wroclaw dwarfs via Travelocafe

Definitely the Market Square (Rynek), and Wroclaw’s Dwarfs which are tiny statues scattered across the city.


Is it an easy city to get around?

Yes, it’s very easy to navigate. With a guide, of course, it’s even easier.


What are the top activities?

Wroclaw's aquapark

Wroclaw's aquapark via Wikipedia

Paintballing and go karting are our top activities in Wroclaw. Trips to the Aquapark are also very popular.


Any top tips for stag weekends in Wroclaw?

The Rynek area (the main square) is a great place to kick start your night with a pint or two of local beer.


How can I get to Wroclaw?

You can get to Wroclaw very easily. Flights from the UK fly from Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool, London Luton, London Stanstead, Easty Midlands, Dublin, Shannon and Doncaster/Sheffield.

Last Updated - 04/07/2018