LNOF Does Cameron Diaz’s Hen Weekend

Hollywood’s ultimate bachelorette bid adieu to her single years as she tied the knot with Benji Madden last week (singer from Good Charlotte for those not down with the ‘yoof’ of today) after a 17 day engagement. Seeing as our invite to her hen party (and the wedding) were clearly lost in the post, we thought we would share what would have gone down if we had planned her hen night. It would’ve been epic, of course.

Cameron Diaz

Looking radiant, Cam

1. Cocktail Workshop

First stop - London. As one might expect on a hen weekend, alcohol would be first on the agenda. We would take Cam to the finest cocktail establishment in the land (seriously, we have excellent connections) for a cocktail workshop, where we would all, like, get totally sloshed on mojitos and, she would, like, tell us all her secrets and we would, like, just laugh all night and it would be, like, so totally great.

2. Vehicle Vandalising

Now, for a quick flight to Eastern Europe for a spot of vehicle vandalising. A slight change from our first activity on the list, granted, but at LNOF, we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box and what would a hen weekend be without getting together with the girls (in our finest garments of course – this is a hen do after all) and taking a crowbar to the windscreen of a flashy car?

3. Skydiving

Of course, like all good hen parties, Cam’s was screaming for someone to whisk her over to Madrid, fly her 12,000 feet in the air, strap her to a hunky instructor and chuck her out of a moving plane. Rest assured - if we had been there, we would have taken her skydiving. And, in turn, it would have probably landed us a short stay in the slammer.

4. Archery


Strings to your bow

A bow and arrow is, of course, a natural accompaniment to all hen weekends, so it had to be included in Cameron’s LNOF itinerary. We would don our green tights, indulge our inner Legolas and head to the nearest open field in Nottingham to sharpen our shooting skills with a merry session of archery.

5. Dirty Dancing

Needless to say, we couldn’t pass up the chance to pop Cameron on an East Coast train, travel up to Manchester and include a Dirty Dancing Themed Party in this, quite frankly, top class hen weekend. An opportunity to squeeze into a fluorescent leotard, rock a perm, neon leg warmers and pirouette (we take it very seriously) next to Cameron Diaz is a window not to be missed.

6. Braid her Hair

Cameron’s rich, golden locks have long been a staple of Hollywood (well, not really, we made that up), so naturally, if we had planned her hen night, we would all have sat around plaiting her hair, eating pizza in our matching onesies while she regaled us with tales of her Hollywood chums. Think 90s romcom and you’re there.

7. And then we would be BFFs for ever and ever…


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