Marriage Bonuses

Last Updated 06/10/2015

Apart from gaining a lifelong companion, whose love for you is boundless; an eternal confidant to wander with, through the twists and turns of the pathway of life. A compatriot to share your innermost thoughts with, who will reserve judgement and always have your back, throughout life’s toughest battles. Yeah, so, apart from that, marriage is overflowing with undeniable advantages - here are just a few of those irrefutable perks you’ll discover as you embark upon married life.

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1. In-house mechanic

man fixing a car

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No longer will we feel like a damsel in distress when calling the AA out because there’s something wrong with our carburettor/alternator/spark plug/valves/piston/or simply needing our tyres filled with air. Get your man to sort it.

2. The Big Shop

man unpacking shopping from car boot

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Why make several trips when your husband can make one finger breaking, gravity defying single one?

3. Jam Jar Struggles

man opening bottle for someone else

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You know that hour long battle you face every time you attempt to open a new jar of jam? Tapping it on the side, wedging a spoon against the lid, or wrapping a tea towel around it to no avail? Well, that’s never happening again.

4. DIY

man throwing and catching a hammer

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From changing a lightbulb to hand crafting a new three-piece pine bedroom furniture set, and everything in between – a husband means all of your DIY woes will be answered. (P.S. Not all husbands can craft a new furniture set).

5. The Top Shelf

man dusting his shoulders in arrogant manner

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Forever positioning yourself atop the kitchen work surface, with one limb in the drying rack to reach that tin of beans on the top shelf? Your hubby’s got it covered, and we bet he feels like a real life hero.

6. Macho Man

man catching spider on the ceiling in jar

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Intruders, spiders, ghosts? No enemy is too great for your new live-in bodyguard.

7. The Rubbish Jobs

man cleaning up litter

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Putting the bins out, taking things to the tip, dropping the bottles off at the bottle bank, are, let’s face it, extremely uninspiring indeed. Why not put them off ‘til he’s home? Yup, we thought you’d agree.

8. The Garden

man mowing the lawn in a hilarious way

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Mowing the lawn sounds too much like hard work. Especially when we’ve got a whole series of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix to catch up on…

9. Unspoken Understanding

girl giving an angry look

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It’s psychologically proven that the more time you spend with someone, the more you can gauge their mood from body language signs. Shoot him a “you’ve left your socks out of the laundry basket - now get me some Ben and Jerry’s” look. He’ll be on it like a shot.